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thiru adhyayana uthsavam - At newyork - A Summary (part11)

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Wed Jan 19 2000 - 17:21:32 PST

Srimadh Azhagiya Singar thiruvadikaLE SaraNam
Sri RanganAyikA samEtha Sri Rangarajan thiruvadikaLE SaraNam

Dear bAgawathAs,

After nammAzwAr mOksham and the  sARRumurai Smt Padmaja sang her
own composition on Sri  nammAzwAr, 44th jeer  and  perumAL.  Sri
Raja Krishnaswamy and his patthini Smt Vaidehi from Boston, sang
several keertthanais on perumAL.  The  dinner  prasAdham ran out
twice and Sri Krishna with the help of others had to cook uppumA
twice. There were so many bAgawathAs. The temple mariyAdhai  was
offered  first  to the temple goshti memebers led  by Sri Poondi
Vijayaragavan. The gOshti had  been  performing on  every  first
sunday of every month for the  last  several months.  The gOshti
members who are offered mariyAdhai in the following order are Sri
T.R.Govindarajan, Sri  Lakshmanan,  Sri ManivaNNan,  Sri ShreyEs
Sarangan,  Sri pArtha Srinivasan, Sri Venkatesh, Sri Kannabiran,
Sri Rajaji, Sri Krishnaswamy of chicago,  Sri parthsarathy  (Sri
Dileepan's father)  Sri  Dileepan,  Sri Sampath Rengarajan,  Sri
Kannan of syracuse, Sri Ragunathan of texas, Sri Satyan  and Sri
Anbil Ramaswamy. All of  these gOshti  bAgawathAs were all doing
the gOshti either from the 18th dec. for  thiru  adhyayana uthsa
vam or for the thiruvAymozhi ursavam from  24th  to  27dec. They
were all honoured with a new vEshti and angavastharam (patthAru).
Several  bAgawathAs joined us from boston  to do gOshti on 24th,
and 25th. Among them Sri Raja, Sri SundarSaranathan, Sri Lakshmi
nrusimhan and a few were very impressive in their gOshti  skills.
Several sponsors  for  the  uthsavam  were  all honoured  with a
silver sombu and pattu anagavasthram of peumAL on this  night. A
very special mariuyAdhai  was offered to Sri bAlaji bhattar with
veLLi sombu, shAlvi,  perumAL  angavasthiram,  patthARu  vEshti,
sambhAvanai and others.

Though it is not customary that Sthree will join in gOshti, many
enthusiastic female bAgawathAs were present during  most  of the
chanting of 4000    pAsurams.  While  the  men  bAgawathAs  were
seated in two columns opposite  to perumAL, the women bAgawathAs
were seated in a row facing perumAL and completing the  circuit.
Among  them  some of them are very vocal and  notable  as  well.
Smt  Padmaja, and Smt Shashi kala iyengar were very  impressive.
Smt Mrs Srinivasan, really thrilled some of the gOshti, when she
chanted the pAsurams almost without any text.   Being from thenn
AchArya  sampradhAyam  she  knew most  of  them  byheart and was
chanting with us without any text almost  all  the  time.  There
were other women  such as Smt Vaijayanthi and her 2 sisters, Smt
Vaidehi  Raja  and  a  few  others  who also chanted in the rows
of women bAgawathAs.

Since  the amount of efforts put in organising (since Sept. 1999)
and conducting this is himalayan, adiyEn  would like to thank and
acknowledge  some  of  them here. If  adiyEn had omitted anyone's
names it is adiyEn's own "annyAnam" and please forgive adiyEn for

There were several kainkarya barALs of the temple  who  had been
working tirelessly for many months.  They were all honoured with
vEshti and angavastharam as  well. They are, Sri AyyAla moorthy,
Sri AyyAla Viswanathan, Sri  Srinivas  Tanikella, Sri MG Prasad,
Sri Sundar kOdiyAlam, Sri Laksmi nArayanan, Sri Ragavan of NJ, &
two young nephews  of Smt. Shashi  kala iyengar. There were many
voulnteers to whom we are all thankful as  well.  The  transport
facilities were provided by Sri Kannabiran,  Sri AyyAla moorthy,
Sri Kannan of syracuse, Sri mOhan  (friend of Sri Aravind),  Sri
Aravind (Son of Sri P. Dileepan) and several others  helped   in
carrying  the  vigrahas  and transporting. Those helped carrying
the vigrAhAs mainly were, Sri Krishna, Sri Aravind, Sri Dileepan,
Sri  pArthsarathy, Sri Sampath Rengarajan, Sri  Ragunathan,  and
Sri Venkat. The stage was dismantled  by Sri Satyan, Sri Krishna
satyan, Sri Sampath Rengarajan. The floor  was  cleaned  by  Sri
Dileepan,  Sri  Sudarshan,  Sri  Krishna  satyan,  Sri   Sampath
Rengarajan  and  a  few  others. The kitchen  was managed by Smt
Malathy  Dileepan SriTanikella. Several others worked with  them
to  provide us very  delicious prasadhams. Some of them are, Smt
Usha Ragunathan (texas), Sri Srinivas Tenikalla, Smt Bama Sridha
ran, Sri Vijaya ragavan, Sri Arun Sridharan, Smt Vasumathi Nagar
ajan (Canada), Smt VijiVenkat, Smt Vimala Rajaji, Smt Satya Visw
anathan,  Smt. Nagu Satyan, and Smt Viji Ragavan of NJ, SmtBooma
(Smt.Viji's mother, Smt Shanthi Srinivas (laddu). Smt Padma Kann
abiran, Smt Nagarathna Nadipuram  (Iowa), Smt Dr. Vasanthi Renga
rajan, Smt Dr. Utthra KodiyAlam, Sri Sundar KodiyAlam, Smt. Madh
avi Tanikella (Sri Srinivas Tanikella's mother), Smt Vijaya Tani
kella Smt Lyka, Sri Krishana, and Sri K P Sridharan (for vessels
washing) and cleaning on the last day by Smt Sunitha, Smt Radhai,
Smt Vaijayanthi, SriLakshmi nArayanan,  Sri Sundar, SriSudarshan,
Sri Rajaji, Sri Dileepan, Sri Venkat Rajaji, Sri  Vijay Raghavan,
and a few others.

will continue .....

Srimadh Azhagiya Singar thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sri RanganAyikA samEtha Sri Rangarajan thiruvadikaLE saraNam
thiruk kudanthai Rengarajan

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