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From: Subha (
Date: Wed Jan 19 2000 - 04:59:46 PST

Hello to all Bhakthi Group members

I am Subha Narasimhan, studying Engineering in Chennai fortunate enough to
become a member of this devout discussion forum , wishing fervently that I
had done so earlier.
I am fortunate to hail from a SriVaishnava family belonging to the Sri
Mudali Andan Swami Acharaya family.

Through Perumal's Grace I had the opportunity to attend U.Ve Sri Velukudi
Krishnan's discourse and U. Ve. Sri M. A. Venkatakrishnan 's discourse on
Tiruppavai held this month in Bharath Kalachar, Chennai. It was too good to
be expressed in words.
I was wondering if anyone would have either tapes or summary in written form
of their discourses or information on where to buy them from.If so, may I
request you to please help me.

I'd also like to laud Shri Mani Varadarajan for his website and this forum
and hope this continues and inspires a lot  of  people in the years to come.

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