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Chandra Grahana Timings
Date: Wed Jan 19 2000 - 14:11:47 PST

Dear Bhagavatas
I wrote-
"As per the VAsan PanchAngam the timings shown are as follows. The 
corresponding timings in USA are also indicated below
Friday 21st  Begins     8.31 am.ISD i.e Thursday 20th 18.01 pm EST in USA
Friday 21st Deepest     9.35 am ISD i.e. Thursday 20th 20.05 pm EST in USA
Friday 21st Ends        11.55am ISD i.e Thursday 20th  22..25 pm EST in USA"

Sri Govindarajan pointed out an error in my calculations.

The IST of 08.31 am / 09.35 am / 11.55 am on Friday 21st in India, etc., were 
taken from the Vasan Panchangam as already mentioned.  The Eastern Time  
corresponds to Thursday 22.01 EST in USA  (as mentioned by him viz India is 
10.30 hours ahead of EST)

The correct timings as per the VAsan Panchangam will be as follows:
Friday 21st 08.31 am IST corresponds to 22.01 EST on Thursday 20th in USA.
Friday 21st 09.35 am IST corresponds to 23.05 EST on Thursday 20th in USA.
Friday 21st 11.55 am IST corresponds to 01.25 EST on Friday    21st in USA

Thanks Sri Govindarajan.

Anbil Ramaswamy