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Re: Namaskaram to all !!!

From: K K (
Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 08:28:39 PST

 I am glad there is Jagananathar Perumal temple is
being built and all that, but I still have a benefit
of doubt in one aspect of the story !!! We all know
that there are plenty of Ramayans written by various
authors etc, but the key is to follow the Authentic,
which is Valmiki's Ramayan.  According to Valmiki Rama
never Worshiped Navagrahas, or any of that Nature.  So
its just a thought I thought I would share, thatís all
!!! Thank you and take care folks

--- SRI_THIRUMALAI <> wrote:
> Recently when I had visited India, I got an
> opportunity to visit
> 'Devipattinam' or 'Nava Paashaanam' in Ramnad
> District in Tamil Nadu. 
> Bhakti members may already know about this Kshetram.
>  In this kshetram,
> there is a Jagannathar Koil. This Jagannatha Perumal
> is also known as
> 'Kadal Adainda Perumal', as he stopped the waves in
> the 'Mahodadhi'
> Samudram.  In the sea, there are Navagrahams which
> were worshipped by Lord
> Rama before he headed to Lanka to fight with Ravana.
>  It is a beautiful
> place, and I thoroughly enjoyed my trip, 
> worshipping the Navagrahams and
> also at the temple.  
> Sri V Jagannatha Iyengar is the main priest who is
> in charge of this
> Jagannatha Perumal Koil.  He has constructed a new
> gopuram for this temple.
>  The Kumbabhishekam of this temple is to be held on
> 10 February 2000 and
> the function will be held for 3 days.  Sri
> Jagannatha Iyengar has requested
> all the devotees to contribute generously for this
> temple.  He is more than
> 80 years old and he wants to  continue the temple
> kainkaryams by arranging
> a regular income for the temple.  To achieve this,
> he anticipates a minimum
> of 2 lakhs rupees, which will be held in Trust and
> from the interest on
> this amount will be utilised for the temple
> kainkaryams.
> I am trying to collect some contributions here in
> Sydney and sending a
> draft to Sri Jagannatha Iyengar.  If any of the
> Bhakti List members would
> like to contribute for the Jeernoddharam and
> development of Lord
> Jagannathar temple, please send your contributions
> to:
> Sri V Jagannatha Iyengar
> Jagannatha Perumal Koil Street
> Devipattinam P.O.
> PHONE NO:(4567) 64501
> Hoping that Bhakti Group members contribute for this
> good cause,
> Ramanuja Dasi
> Sriranjini Thirumalai
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