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Periya Thirumozhi 7.7- These cruel five senses are eating me; I have none else!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 01:29:50 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brother,

Thirumangai AzhwAr, who had exclaimed "adiyEn kaNdu kaLitthEnE" in the last 
ten, is now apprehensive of his five senses trapping him and chasing him, 
torturing him. Azhwar runs to the Lord being scared of those five senses of 
his, taking shelter and refuge at the Lotus Feet of Emperumaan in this ten. 
Excellent pAsurams on ananya gathithvam (having none but the Lotus feet of 
His as the refuge..)

1. "Oh Wealth of even Periya PeriraaTTI! (similar to Ka sree sriya: of 
Alavandhar) The king of (demi) Gods! red lotus eyed EmperumaanE! (due to 
Vaathsalyam) ChakrAyudhapaaNI! Only One who ate (swallowed) the Universe! 
(ulaguNda oruvaa! ThirumaarbhA! )The Divine PiraaTTi housed Chested Lord! 
The Lord of Thiruvazhundhoor! These five indriyas (sense organs) come into 
"me" and torment me all times not leaving me even for a fraction of second 
and attempt to eat me. Hence, I have come to You, being scared of them and 
surrendered to Your Lotus Feet. ("aivar ennul Pugundhu ozhiyaadhu, aruvith 
thinRida anji, nin adaindhEn..")

2. EmperumaanE! the One who is always with PiraaTTi, the tender fingered, 
bangle adorned beautiful shouldered Divine Consort of Yours! SwamI1 the One 
who is always (out of Your free will) at my heart! The dark hued Lord! the 
most compassionate One like dark clouds! (showering dayA on everyone) 
SaanthOngya upanishas, BrahadhaaraNyaka upanishad, Thaitthriya upanishad- 
Saama Veda- the essence and meaning of all of them! (the One who is 
comprehended with these upansihads and Vedas) ("santhOgaa! powzhiyaa! 
thaithriyaa! SaamavEddhoyanE! Nedu maalE!") Such Greatest EmperumaanE! 
Thiruvazhundhoor Swami! I do NOT KNOW ANTHING ELSE BUT Your Lotus Feet. 

3.  SwamI! Thiruvazhundhoor ammanE! Long Handed, Broad shodulered Lord with 
Divine ChakrA and Sanghu! You have blessed adiyEn with such dayA and grace 
like You have not done to anyone else in this world! (You have enabled me 
like You and long for You) The lowly petty desires and aRpa vishayams- to 
make me long for, and desire for, cunningly these five senses are in me, 
entered into my heart and live there. I am scared of them terribly. Hence, I 
surrender at Your Lotus Feet, with no other refuge or option. ("aiyA! nin 
adiyanRi maRRaRiyEn")

4.  SarvaadhikanE! Panchavan, Bhouzhiyan, Chozhan- these kings, have paid 
obeisance to You, for getting their desires fulfilled! Madhavaa! 
MadhusoodhA! The One who appeared as Naran and Narayanan as well! 
ThirunaRayoor NambhI! EmperumaanE! Adhi Varaaha moorthy! who is the 
antharyaami of Sivan, (who is ruler of Devas) (umbharaaLum aranE!) I don't 
know of any other Rakshakan than You,. whose nature is to do good and 
upakaaram to others.. !

5.  Lord, the One who tore with Your sharp nails, the strong chest of your 
enemy HiraNyan, and made him reach Veera swargam! KrishnA! the One who 
lifted the huge mountain effortlessly and saved the cattle from heavy rains! 
The Greatest Lord! (ParanE!), The Purest EmperumaanE! the One who makes His 
devotees purer! (PavithranE!) The Cheif of Universe! Lord of 
Thiruvazhundhoor Divya Desam! I have realised the Kali yuga's effects and 
its nature. I (am blessed to ) have ascertained only one deed that needs to 
be performed. i.e. to get to know or reach only Your Feet and nothing else. 
Not knowing anything else- refusing to go for anything else.

6.  Oh PeriyOnE! (Primordial Chief) the One, ignoring the teasing and being 
laughed at with your acts of stealing butter and curd, stole and ate the 
veNNai and the "thOyaa in thayir" (the curd that has not fermented fully, 
and hence sweet and nice..)! the One who was caught red handed by yashOdhA 
and was tied to a mortar, with Your quivering lips, with cries, that is 
unable to come out of mouth due to Your feeling guilt and angry.. ! ("peRRa 
thaayaal aappuNdirundhu, azhudhu yEngum thaadaaLaa"!) Kutti KaNNA! The One 
who Himself is the nirvaahakan (director) of the four YugAs! the Cowherd Boy 
KaNNA! Thiruvazhundhoor ammaanE! nin adiyanRi maRRu aRiyEn- I don't know 
anything else BUT Your Lotus Feet.  and nothing else. Not knowing anything 
else- refusing to go for anything else.

7.  The One who angered on Kamsan an finished him off! KaarvaNNA! Dark hued 
cloud coloured Lord! The lustrous shining oLi vaNNA! The One who killed 
seven bulls! My Swami! The Nirvaahakan (Director) of all seven worlds, since 
time immemorial! Emperumaan of Thiruvazhundoor! These five senses, even if I 
wish to and attempt to endure and remain patient for all their influence on 
me, still, they torment me, by entering into me completely and try to 
destroy my Athma swaroopam (of being subservient to You and nothing else) by 
letting me go for the sensual pleasures.... I am terribly scared of them and 
their influences.. I have thus surrendered to You! ("pOgamE nugarvaana 
pugundhu aivar aRutthu thiNrida anji ninnadainthEn..")

8. SarvEshawaranE! ParipooraNanE! the one who reclines on the ocean! 
Thiruvazhundoor ammanE! The strong cruel five senses have entered into me, 
trapped me, and have been trying to influence me not to go towards You.. I 
am (blessed by You to be) able to get away from those traps, and have taken 
shelter at Your Lotus Feet, feeling scared and apprehended of their further 
actions. All that I desire is: My Swami! You should bless me and have mercy 
on  adiyEn to give me the Nithya daasya kaimkaryam (eternal servitude) at 
Your Lotus Feet, which alone is the dress, the food for me..(kooRai, sORu 
ivai thandhu enakku aruLi, adiyEnaip paNiaaNdukoL enthaay!)

9.  ThooyOnE! Purest Lord! Garuda kodiyyanE! the One who has GarudA as Your 
flag! NedumaalE! The One who reclines and has Yoga nithrA on the 
flame-exhaling AdhisEshan! (theevaay naagaNaiyil thuilvaanE) ThirumagL 
kELvaa! Lord of Periya PiraaTTI! Thiruvanzhundoor ammaanE! These five sense 
organs have been attempting by entering into me, occupied me, ruling me, and 
been asking from me, the "aRpa vishayams, namely., dress, and the food . 
They don't just stop with that. They go further and ask for more and more. I 
am not able to tolerate and endure their severe attempts. I don't know 
simply as to what to do at all. Please have mercy one me saying "aiyO! (aa! 
aa!).." and take me. (*excellent! typical of what we are tormented day in 
and day out by these senses!)

10. This ten is on the Lord of Thiruvanzhundoor Divya Desam, which is so 
beautiful with swans swimming in those beautiful ponds, surrounding the 
charming gardens. This is composed by Kailyan, the chief of Thiruvaali 
naadu. Those who learn this faultless, sweet ten tamil pAsurams, will be 
ruling the whole world for long time..

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana
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