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Re: kaNNan and veNNai

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Mon Jan 17 2000 - 23:07:11 PST


Dear Sri Vijay and Sri MG Vasudevan,

Kutti KaNNan's veNNai eating can not be better expressed in such sweet words 
that you both have done. Kutti KaNNan- with huge Kutti yaanai like form, 
dark, with His curls falling on His forehead, with the small stout short 
limbs and thighs- taking steps, tip toes to steal butter-

What a lovely sight! More than that, with all that thayir and veNNai pisukku 
(oily skin), He goes out to play on the sand. How dirty it would be! The 
Lord, who reclines alone with only His PiraaTTi on AdhisEshan on 
ThiruppaRkadal, is here with almost naked body full of veNNai pisukku, 

puzhudhi aLaindha pon mEni...kaNNa peridhum ugakkum.. To see end ejoy it is 
GREAT! Peridhum...

I am reminded of Swamy desikan's Gopala Vimsathy, slokam 5. "hartthum 

KaNNan slowly enters into the kitchen. He looks there; and here; no one is 
around. This is the right time. YasOdhA, after getting vexed with the 
mischievous butter-stealing acts, keeps the butter in a different container 
and at a different place to mislead our Kutti KaNNan. But our Lord- the 
sarvEshwaran- Does He not know where the “veNNai” is? Will He get misled? 

He tip-toes towards the big pot (which is tall as He)- He opens the lid. And 
with great effort, puts the whole hand in upto the shoulder and takes a 
handful of butter; puts the whole lot into His mouth. Not enough. He dips in 
again! Oh My God! YasOdhA has come in! She has seen everything. He is caught 
stealing the butter- with His mouth full of butter, - with His hand fully 
dipped into the pot. What will He do now? SarvEshwaran- Our Lord Kutti 
KaNNan is “scared” of the visible angry mother approaching Him. Will she hit 
Him? Will she scold Him? What puishment will she give Him? He is perplexed.

Should He run away? He has taken off one foot and is ready to run. At the 
same time, He is not able to run away because He is cornered and fully 
caught red handed. He is neither standing nor is He running! The little Lord 
of ours has decided to close His eyes, unable to see what is going to 
happen, thinking that He can avoid the punishment by closing His eyes! The 
Universal Lord,- who protects the whole Universe and even beyond, simply and 
effortlessly in His Yoga nitthirai on AdhisEshan, with complete awareness 
and knowledge of all and every thing that happens everywhere- is having His 
eyes now closed to avoid seeing His mother coming towards Him!

Vedanta Desikan’s enjoyment is beyond description in words.

Kutti KaNNan ThiruvadigaLE anRil maRRaRiyEn..



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