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Sorry for junk mails

From: Anand Karalapakkam (
Date: Sun Jan 16 2000 - 23:55:49 PST


 Dear devotees,
 namO nArAyaNA.

 Some office staff (of KGK Finance, run by adiyEn's farther)  has
 probably sent all the messages from  adiyEn's "Unsent Messages"
 folder and it has created a mess ...Thats why some of you might have
 received few mails (which adiyEn wanted to reply back that time and
 was lying in the Unsent Messages folder). Sorry for the same. adiyEn
 also apologises for any junk mail that appeared in the list (no idea
 as to whether it did appear in the bhakti list ; Kindly inform
  adiyEn if such mails were received in the list). Two devotees
  have already written to adiyEn about the junk mails that they
  received as a private mail.

  Kindly do forward those mails to adiyEn, if any of you did
  receive such a mail (mostly incomplete / junk) and also inform
  adiyEn (if possible) about the day in which you received that mail.
  Thanks a lot in advance.

   adiyEn had a very hectic mArgazhi and didn't even
   check the mails for a long while... Also, many of the
   mails (over the past two months or so) weren't replied back
   due to the time constraint and were placed in the "Unsent Messages"
   for future correspondence. Unfortunately, adiyEn lost all of them
   now ...Hopes to get over the mess by your kind help ....

   Thanks once again ....

 adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan,
 ananthapadmanAbha dAsan,