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Re: "muppadUm thappAmE" -- CONCLUSION

From: ashwin sadhu (
Date: Sun Jan 16 2000 - 08:14:58 PST

Dear Sri. Sampath,

Before I comment on the last but one statement let me first clear a
misunderstanding.  I am not passing judgement on you; I am merely expressing
my take on the issue.  I have no right to pass judgement on you or anyone
else as I am far less spritually eveolved than yourself and many others.
That however, does not mean there is no truth in what I say.

I think we are approaching the issue from different angles.

Last but one Sentence:
...."sampradAyam" must become a living inspiration for all us present-day
SriVaishnavas, both old and
young, both learned and laymen and for both
religious-minded and not-so religious-minded....".

What do terms like "must become" and "Present-day" imply?

-If they imply change then it goes against the fundamental premise that
Vedanta is immutable truth.  If these terms imply that the exposition must
be presented in a different manner but without modifying the substance, then
I agree with you.

ramanuja dasan,