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Sri VenkatEsa SuprabhAtham : Part III (SlOkams 17-29)

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Jan 15 2000 - 17:56:14 PST

(17)dhADeeshu thE vihagarAja mrugAdhirAja
    nAgAdhirAja gajarAja hayAdhirAjA:
    svasvAdhikAra mahimAthikam arThayanthE
    Sri VenkatAchalapathE tava suprabhAtham 

Oh ThiruvEnkatanAthA ! When You go around 
the rAja Veedhis of Your dhivya desam , You
move around in Garuda gathi (Nadai), Simha gathi,
Sarpa Gathi, Gaja gathi or asva gathi .Garudan,
Simham , Adhi Seshan , IrAvadham ( Indran's
white elephant)and Ucchaisravas ( Indran's
white horse) recognize that they have a lot to
learn from You, their Lord , with respect to perfection
of their gathis ; they are standing outside your 
sannidhi at this time of dawn to seek Your blessings 
for clues on the perfection of their gathis to serve 
You better . Please arise and fulfil their wishes.
May it  be an auspicious dawn to Thee !

(Comments) : The word "dhADeeshu" has also been intrepreted 
as Yuddha-Yathrai instead of travel around the raaja
Veedhis during the uthsavams. According to this 
intrepretation , Garudan and others are said 
to seek a larger share in the kaimkaryam to the Lord as 
He sets out for His yuddham with asurAs to protect
His bhakthAs. 

(18)SuryEndhu Bhouma Bhudha Vaakpathi kaavya souri
    svarbhAnu Kethu dhivishath parishath pradhAnA:
    tvaddh daasa charamAvadhi dhAsa dhAsa:
    Sri VenkatachalapathE ! tava SuprabhAtham 

OH Lord of Thirumalai ! The Nava Grahams ( Sun, Moon, 
AngArakan ,Bhudhan ,Guru, Sukran, Sani , Raahu 
and Kethu) are quite capable of wielding their power
even over the DEvAs .They however control themselves , 
when it comes to Your bhakthAs and become the servant
of the servant of the servant of Your dAsAs so
that they can please You and thus receive Your 
anugrahams .They are now standing in front of
Your sannidhi to receive Your blessings after
practising CharamAvathi Daasyam  to Your bhakthAs . 
Oh VenkatEsA ! May it be an auspicious dawn to Thee !

(19)tvath paadha dhULi bharitha spurithOtthamAngA:
    svargApavarga nirapEksha nijAntharangA:
    kalpAgama aakalanayA aakulathAm labanthE
    Sri VenkatAchalapathE ! tava suprabhAtham 

Sooryan and the other navagrahmas are adhikAra
purushAs ( appointees of the Lord with specific
time limits to execute their designated functions ).
Even if they wanted to get Moksha Siddhi right away ,
they can not give up their responsibilities until 
the end of the Kalpam. Therefore , they perform
kaimkaryams to Your BhakthAs and through that
Kaimkaryam receive Your anugraham , place the
sacred dust from Your feet on their heads and
are in a state of bliss rejecting svargam and 
Moksham. They are afraid of the onset of the next 
kalpam , since they will lose this exalted status .
Oh VenkatEsA ! Please arise and remove their 
worries. May it be an auspicious dawn to Thee !

(20)tvadh-gOpurAgra sikharANi nirIkshamAnA:
    svargApavarga padhavIm paramAm srayantha:
    marthyA manushyabhuvanE mathimAsrayanthE
    Sri VenkatAchalapathE ! tava SuprabhAtham 

Those blessed human beings , who complete
the different Yaj~nAs to reach svargam and
those who follow Bhakthi or Prapatthi route 
to gain Moksha siddhi are prepared to give up 
those hard earned riches , when they ,by accident ,
have the darsanam of Your Gopurams ; after that
darsanam  , they wish to return to earth to be 
near You. Oh Lord of Seven Hills ! Please awaken 
and bless these rare ones , who are waiting at 
Your door step.May this be an auspicious dawn 
to Thee!

(21)Sri BhUmi Naayaka! dayAdhiguNAmrutha aBhdhE !
    dEvAdhidEva JagadhEka SaraNya mUrthE !
    Srimann Anantha GaruDhaadhibir archithAngrE !
    Sri VenkatAchalapathE ! tava SuprabhAtham 

Oh Lord of Sri DEvi and Bhumi PirAtti! Oh the Ocean
of DayA and other KalyANa GunAs!Oh ImayOr TalaivA 
(DevAdhidEvA)!Oh the sole refuge of the entire Universe!
Srimann! Oh auspicious One , whose feet are 
worshipped with affection by AdhisEshan , Garudan
and other Nithya Sooris! Please awaken . May this
be an auspicous dawn to Thee!

(Comments); This is a prayer for the Lord to
appear before the Nithya Sooris with His ubhaya
NaacchiyArs and bless them all.

(22)Sri PadhmanAbha! PurushOtthama! VaasudEva!
    Vaikunta ! Maadhava! JanArdhana! ChakrapANE !
    Srivatsa chihna ! SaraNAgatha PaarijAtha! 
    Sri VenkatAchalapathE ! tava SuprabhAtham 

Oh PadmanAbhA! PurushOtthamA! Oh VaasudEvA!
Oh VaikuntanAthA ! Oh Moksha dhAyakA ! Oh
JanArdhanA removing the rebirths of chEthanams!
Oh disc-wielding ChakrapANi !Oh Lord Srivatsan
with the mole of Srivathsam on Your chest!
Oh wish-granting PaarijAtha tree to those 
who perform SaraNAgathi to You! Oh VenkatEsA !
May this be an auspicious dawn to Thee!

(23)kandharpa-darpa-Hara Sundara dhivyamUrthE !
    KalyANa-nirmala-guNakara dhivyakeerthe !
    Sri VenaktAchalapathE! Tava SuprabhAtham 

Oh Lord , who chases away the arrogance of Manmathan
with respect to his beauty ! Oh Lord with fond glances
directed at the lotus bud like breasts of MahA Lakshmi!
Oh treasure house of all auspicious and blemish-free
guNAs ! Oh Lord of enduring divine fame! May this be
an auspicious dawn to Thee!

(Comment): Oh Lord of Venkatam ! Your divine consort
engaged in the enjoyment of Your extraordinary beauty
would not let You get up from Your sleep. You enjoying
the beauty of Your divine consort's feminine charms 
will not get up either. Inspite of these distractions,
You should think of keeping all of Your KalyANa guNams 
in mind and awaken and bless Your BhakthAs as Bhaktha-
Vathsalan .

(24)MeenAkruthE ! kamaDa! Kola! Nrusimha! VarNin!
    SvAmin ! parasvaTha tapOdhana! Raamachandra !
    SeshAmsa Raama ! Yadhunandhana! kalki Roopa !
    Sri VenkatAchalapathE ! tava suprabhAtham 

Oh DasAvathAra Roopi! As the supreme Lord of 
this Universe , You descended from Srivaikuntam 
to take on the nine avathArams so far and are going
to take the tenth incarnation as Kalki later. Your
avatharaNams (descent to earth) are to save 
the world from unrighteousness and to show 
the sanmArgam to the aasthikAs . It is only 
proper that the owner protects His property .
Oh Lord of such auspicious aatributes ! Please 
awaken and provide succor to Your BhakthAs
awaiting Your grace at the entrance of Your door.
May this be an auspicious dawn for Thee !

(25)yElA lavanga ghanasAra Sugandhi theertham
    dhivyam viyath sarithi hEmagatEshu poorNam
    dhruthvAdhya Vaidhika sikhAmaNaya: prahrushtA:
    thishtanthi VenkatapathE ! Tava SuprabhAtham 

The joyous Brahmins adept in Vedic rituals are standing
in front of Your sannidhi with golden vessels full
of AakAsa GangA theertham scented appropriately 
with a  mixture of cardamoms, cloves ,cinnamon 
barks and green camphor to be used in Your daily
Thirumanjanam (sacred bath).Oh Lord ! Please
awaken and bless them . May this dawn be an
auspicious one to Thee!

(Commnets): Even today , ThOzappars belonging to 
the vamsam of Thirumalai Nampi bring AakAsa GangA 
theertham for the Lord's sacred abolutions along
with parimaLam .They receive the first theertham
at the Lord's ghOshtis.

(26)BhAsvan udhEthi vikachAni sarOruhANi
    sampUrayanthi ninadhai: kakubhO vihangA:
    SrivaishNavAs-sathatham arThitha mangalAsthE
    dhAmaasrayanthi tava Venkata! SuprabhAtham

Oh Lord Of Venkatam ! The Sun has risen. The Lotuses
have bloomed. The birds are chirping about and raising
a lot of noises .The Sri VaishNava ghOshti that always
seek auspiciousness for You through their 
mangaLAsAsanams are patiently waiting at 
Your sannidhi for You to awake from Your sleep. 
It is not fair for You to continue with Your 
sleep befitting Your role as Bhaktha Sulabhan 
and Natha-Satyan .Please wake up.May this dawn 
be an auspicous one for Thee!

(Comments) The movements of birds and the blossoming of 
the Lotus in the early morning time (soon after Sunrise)
are described by ANDAL in Her ThiruppAvai Paasurams
( PuLLum chilampina kANN , Keesu keesenRengum 
AanaicchAtthAn --, UngaL puzhakkadai thOttatthu
vaaviyuLL , senkazhuneer Vaai nehinzhtu--).
ThoNdaradippodi AzhwAr's ThiruppaLLiyezucchi 
Paasurams also seem to have inspired Sri ANNA
in constructing this slOkam .

(27)BrahmAdhaya: suravarA: samaharshayasthE 
    Santha: Sananthana mukhA: tava yOgivaryA:
    DhAmanthikE tava hi mangala vasthu hasthA:
    Sri VenkatAchalapathE! tava SuprabhAtham 

Oh Lord of Thirumalai! The great Ones like
BrahmA , Honored Maharishis and MahA Yogis 
like Sanandana are waiting at Your forecourt
with auspicious items like Mirror et al in
their hands for Your SuprabhAdha Kaimkaryam. 
Please awaken ! May this dawn be an ausicious
one for Thee!

(Comments): This slOkam is a direct echo
of the paasages from eigth paasuram of 
ThoNdaradippodi AzhwAr's ThiruppaLLiyezucchi 
(-- Maanidhi KapilaiyoNN KaNNADi mudalA,
 EmperumAn paDikkamalam KaaNDarkku 
 YerpanavAyina koNDu nann munivar 
 Thumburu Naaradhar puhanthanar ivarO--).

(28) LakshmInivAsa! Niravadhya guNaikasindhO!
     SamsAra Saagara SamuttharaNaika sEthO !
     VedAntha Vedhya nija Vaibhava Bhaktha bhOgya!
     Sri VenkatAchalapathE ! Tava SuprabhAtham

This is a moving NaamArchanaa for the Lord 
of Thirumalai : Oh abode of MahA LakshmI !
Oh the ocean house of all blemishless ,
auspicious attributes ! Oh the bridge to
cross the ocean of SamsAram ! Oh Supreme
One , whose glories are truly understood 
and sung by Upanishads ! Oh Lord , who 
thrives on the enjoyment of His bhakthAs!
Oh Lord of VenkatAchalam ! May this dawn
be an auspicious one for Thee!

(29) Ittham VrushAchchala pathE: iha SuprabhAtham
     yE maanavA: prathi-dhinam paDithum pravrutthA:
     thEshAm PrabhAthasamayE smruthirangabhAjAm
     Praj~nAm pararTha sulabhAm paramAm prasUthE 

Oh VrushAchalapathi ! Those humans , who recite 
daily with bhakthi , this SuprabhAtham of Yours in 
the early morning are blessed indeed . Anyone who
thinks about these blessed BhagyavAns will attain 
true knowledge about Your Tatthvam effortlessly 
and gain MOksha siddhi.

Concluding Observations:

Sri PrathivAdhi Bhayankaram ANNA followed 
his Acharyan's niyamanam and composed this 
beautiful SuprabhAdham for eternity to enjoy 
and benefit from. This Sri Sookthi has 29 slOkams
just like Thiruppaavai without its Phalasruthi
Paasuram ( Vangak kadal kadaintha--). ThiruppAvai
can be considered as a SuprabhAtham to Lord KrishNA
by ANDAL in one sense. In this brilliant and moving
SuprabhAtham of ANNA , ThoNdardippodi AzhwAr's
Bhakthi-laden Paasuram pasages from ThiruppaLLIyezuchci
are also heard. AdiYen is grateful to the Lord of
Thirumalai for blessing me to write on this
important Sri Sookthi.

Sri SrinivAsa ParabrahmaNE Nama:
Daasan, OppilA-appan Koil VaradAchAri SadagOpan