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Sri VenkatEsa SuprabhAtham: Part II(SlOkams 5-16)

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Jan 15 2000 - 06:58:22 PST

(5)athryAdhi saptharishayas samupAsya sandhyAm
   AakAsa sindhu kamalAni manoharANi
   aadhAya paadhayugma archayithum prapannA:
   SeshAdhri sekhara vibhO! tava suprabhAtham 

Oh Lord standing on the top of SeshAdhri
hill ! The group of seven rishis headed by 
Adhri have completed their sandhyA worship 
and have arrived to take part in your suprabhAtha
sEvai and abhigamana( morning) aarAdhanam.They have 
brought freshly blossomed lotus flowers from 
the AakAsa Ganga .May it be an auspicious 
dawn to You !

(6) Panchanana abhjabhava shaNmukha VaasavAdhyA:
    ThraivikramAdhi charitham vibhudhA sthuvanthi
    BhAshApathi: paDathi Vaasarasuddhim aarAth
    Seshadhri sEkhara VibhO! tava suprabhAtham 

Oh Lord standing on the top of Seshadhri hill!
The leaders of the DevAs such as MahEswaran, BrahmA , 
ShaNmukhan and Indran are eulogizing your heroic deed
of measuring the the worlds with just three steps .
The Lord of languages, Brahspathi (Deva Guru) 
is standing at a distance reading the panchAngam 
for this day .May it be an auspicious dawn to You ! 

(7)yeeshath prapulla sarasIruha naarikEla-
   pUgadhrumAdhi sumanOhara pAlikAnAm
   aavAthi mandham anilassaha dhivyagandhai:
   SeshAdhri Sekhara VibhO tava suprabhAtham 

The gentle breeze carrying the invigorating fragrance 
from the partly blossomed lotuses ,tender ears 
of the coconut and arecanut trees is blowing 
gently . Oh Lord of the SeshAdhAri hills !
May it be  an auspicious dawn to Thee!

(Comments): This slOkam reminds one of the passage 
from the third paasuram of ThoNDaraDippodi
AzhwAr's ThirupaLLIyezhucchi: " --Paimpozhil
kamuhin , madalidaikkeeRi vaNN paaLaikaL naaRa 
Vaikarai koornthathu maarutham ithuvO--".

(8)unmeelya nEthrayugam utthama pan.jarasthA:
   pAthrAvasishta kadalee phala payasAni
   bhukthvA saleelamaTha kElisukhA: paTanthi
   SeshAdhrisEkhara VibhO! tava suprabhAtham 

Oh Lord of the peak of SeshAdhri hill! In Your
temple, the parrots inside the high cages are
singing Your sahasra naamams to gladden the hearts 
of Your BhakthAs after partaking your banana 
and paayasam prasAdhams from the previous 
night . Please awaken and May this be an
auspicious dawn for You !

(9)tanthrI prakarsha madhura svanayA vipanjyA 
   gaayanthi ananthacharitham tava NaaradhOpi
   bhAshAsamagram asakruth karachaararamyam
   SeshAdhri sEkhara VibhO! tava suprabhAtham 

Oh Eternal One! Sage NaaradhA , who never stays 
too long in one place is standing still in front
of Your temple and is playing on his VeeNA
(Mahathi) Your dhivya charitham eulogized 
in the AzhwAr's prabhandhams with fast
moving hands .He is singing along with his 
veeNA music. Oh Lord of SeshAchalam ! May
this dawn be an auspicious one  for You !

(10) bhrungAvaLi cha makarandha rasAnuviddha-
     JhankAragita ninadhai: saha sEvanAya 
     niryAthupAntha sarasee kamalOdharEbhya:
     SeshAdhri sEkhara VibhO! Tava SuprabhAtham

Oh SeshAdhri Sekhara VibhO ! The day is brightening.
The Lotus flowers have fully blossomed in the nearby 
ponds .The bees that have been imprisoned inside 
these closed lotuses during the long night are 
happy to gain their freedom to come out and 
sing Your praise and to offer worship to You. 
Oh Lord ! May it be an auspicous day for You !

(11) yOshAgaNEna varadadhni vimaThyamAnE
     ghOshAlayEshu dadhimanThana theevraghOshA:
     rOshath kalim vidhathE kakubasccha kumbhA:
     SeshAdhri Sekara VibhO! tava suprabhAtham 

In the colony of cowherds, the young maidens 
are churning milk for fine curds .That loud sound 
is echoing in all directions .Have those sounds not 
yet reached Your ears? Oh Lord of SeshAdhri peak !
Please arise and may it be a divine dawn to You !

(Comments): This slOkam has the echo of ANDAL's
seventh Thiruppaavi paasuram , where She reminds
Her dozing friend about the churning for curds at
BrundhAvanam ( Vaasa naRum kuzhal aacchiyar,
matthinAl Osaippadutha Thayir aravam kEttilaiyO).

(12) PadhmEsa mithra sathapathra gathAlivargA:
     harthum Sriyam kuvalayasya nijAnga-lakshmyA:
     bhEri ninAdhAmiva Bhibrathi theevranAdham
     SeshAdhri Sekhara VibhO ! tava suprabhAtham 

Oh Lord of SeshAshri peak ! Both the bees and the blue
lotus share Your divine blue hue. The swarms of bees 
are making a loud sound like the beating of drums to
announce to the world that their bluish hue is far 
superior and beautiful compared to the hue of blue
lotuses. This jealous reenkAram is filling the morning
air . Won't You arise from Your sleep to stop this feud
between these two, who are Your dear ones ?

(Comments): In the previous slOkam , the poet referred
to one kind of "theevara GhOsham" coming out of the cowherd
colony. Here , he refers to another kind of "Theevra-
naadham " in the lotus ponds near the temple of the Lord.
The ThiruppAvai  paasura Vaakhyams that come 
to adiyEn's mind are the ones that ANDAL addressed to
Her friends : " InitthAn yezhunthirAi, Ithenna 
peruRakkam ?" and " Senkazhuneer vaai nehinzhnthAmbhal 
vaai koompina KaaNN" in the fourteenth verse.

(13) Srimann AbhIshta Varadha ! akhila lOka bandhO!
     SRISRINIVAASA ! jagadEka-dayaikasindhO! 
     SridEvathA-gruha-bhujAnthara-dhivya mUrthE !
     Sri VenkatAchalapathE tava suprabhAtham 

Oh VenkatAchalapathi! Oh Lord of MahA LakshmI!
Oh the relative (bandhu) in every way to all 
the chEthanams and achEthanams ! Oh SrinivAsA ! 
Oh matchless auspicious ocean of DayA ! Oh Lord 
housing Your divine consort in Your broad chest ! 
Oh Lord of exquisite beauty! May it be an
auspicious dawn to You !

(Comments): This prayer is to the Lord with the chest
adorned by the Lotus Lady , who never leaves His
side even for a fraction of  asecond (ahalahillEn-) .
The poet reminds the Lord that he should think about
the reason why He left parama padham ( VaikuNta virakthAyA)
and arrived at the seven hills and appeals him to 
arise as the dawn is nearing a quick end . This passage 
reminds adiyEn of the ThiruppAvai passage: 
" Yaam vantha kaariyam aarAyntharuLElOrempAvAi". 
The extension is " DevarIr yaam vantha Kaariyam 
aarAynthu aruLa vENum  ". The other reference is
"Suptham udhbhOdhya KrishNam " words of ParAsara Bhattar.

(14) SriSwAmi PushkaraNikA-plava-nirmalAngA:
     SrEyOrthinO Hara Virinchi SanandhAdhya:
     DhvArE vasanthi varavEthra-hathOtthamAngA:
     Sri VenkatAchalapathE ! tava SuprabhAtham 

Oh ThiruvenkatamudayAn! The Gods of high status
appointed by You - Hari, BrahmA- and the sages of
great tapas like SanandhA have taken their sacred 
abolutions in Swami Pushakarani and are pure from 
inside and outside . They have crossed Your temple
gate after being touched by the staff of VishvaksEnar
on their heads and are waiting at your garbhagruham to
have your darsanam . Oh Lord! Please arise quickly 
and bless them ! 

(15) SrisEshasaila GaruDasaila VenkatAdhri-
     NaarAyaNAdhri VrushabhAdhri mukhyAm
     aakhyAm tvadhIya vasathEranisam vadhanthi
     Sri VenkatAchalapathE tava suprabhAtham

Oh Lord of Sri Devi! Your devotees like Haran 
praising the glory of your seven hills--Sesha sailam ,
GarudAchalam , VenkatAdhri ,NaarAyaNAdhri ,
VrushabhAdhri and VrushAdhri--stand at Your 
sannidhi. Please awaken and May it be an
auspicious dawn for You .

(Comments): There is the mention of the six of 
the seven hills of Thirumalai in this slOkam .
The name of SimhAchalam has to be added to
the six to complete the count of Seven .

(16) sEvaaparA: Siva surEsa krusAnu dharma-
     rakshOmbhunATha PavamAna DhanAdhinATha:
     BhaddhAnjali pravilasan nija seersha dEsA:
     Sri VenkaTaachalapathE ! yava SuprabhAtham 

All the eight dhig-paalakAs ( Lords of the eight 
directions) are waiting with folded hands and 
bent heads  to perform the Kaimkaryams desired 
by You . Please awaken and command them to serve 
You appropriately .May it be an auspicous dawn
for You .
To be continued..