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Re: Sudarsan.Parthasarathy's comments on Vedic virtues

From: Venkat Nagarajan (
Date: Fri Jan 14 2000 - 14:02:58 PST

Dear Sri. Sudarsan/ Bahagavatas,

I respect your opinion and you are right there is growing number of
individuals gravitating towards Vedanta; I am also happy about this.  
However, I was referring to the optimal path and the Vedic ideal;   very
few individuals even think or contemplate about this, let alone will  to
converge towards it.    I am sure there are at least a few bhagavatas
who share my view, but for whatever reason do not wish to express
there point of view in public.  As for starting a Sathsangham, I am
definitely for it.  I am eagerly looking to meet individuals of similar
inclination. If you wish, I can e-mail you personally about what I have
attempted  to do to gain company of others of similar inclination. 

I also wanted to clear a couple of misunderstandings:
1.  The post was in reference to individuals like me, not Acharyas(they
are living the Vedic ideal.)
2.  I am not a pessimist

adiyen ramanuja dasan,

Sri. Sudarsan.Parthasarathy wrote:

Regarding Sri.Venkat's disappointment of fall in Vedic virtues, 
Adiyen strongly feel the other way.   There is a stronger generation
 emerging, and we still have great Acharyas like Sri.Poundareekapuram 
Srimad Andavan, Srimushnam Srimad Andavan, Sri.Prakrutham Azhagiya