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Re: Sri.Sadagopan, Sri.Anbil Swamin

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Jan 14 2000 - 12:44:13 PST

Dear Sriman Sudrshan ParthasArathy:

Many thanks for your kind words.

I do not deserve this level of elevation
and hence with all due respect to your
moving sentiment , I would like to express
my wish just to be the servant of our AchAryAs and 
Fellow Sri VaishNavAs .Nothing else crosses my
mind . In all sincerity ,it is  my great Bhaagyam 
to share the little knowledge that I may have 
through our AchAryA's blessings.

We are all Thiruvadis of our respective
AchAryAs and that is our Bhaagyam and sole
glory . We are NOTHING without our AchAryALs .
As long as we have that sambhandham , which
is "Ozhikka OzhiyAthu " , we are well protected
and can conduct our lives with the sole focus
on paraspara Hitham and utter humility .

It is such a blessing to have this great
assembly of Sri VaishNava AchAryAs ibelonging to 
Bhagavath RaamAnuja darsanam in our midst and 
the aspiring ghOshti of Sri VaishNavas ,
whom you have mentioned in your note.
We have to add Srimans Sampath Rengarajan , 
Sri Venkatesh Elayavalli, Sri T.A.Varadhan 
and SO MANY OTHERS , who are deeply involved 
in many Kaimkaryams. We can never
succeed in thanking them all enough .

Regarding your other point ,there is always 
the question of cursing the darkness
or lighting  a lamp to dispell the darkness.
Our AchAryAs just do that in this quarter of
Kali yugam and we have to continue to salute 
them every moment of our lives.Wherever we are,
AchArya Smruthi is our staff to get us through
the deha Yaathrai here . 

Sincere thanks again for your leadership 
both in Singapore before and at the Bay area now.

AachAryan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
Namo NarAyaNA , V.Sadagopan  
>At 11:36 AM 1/14/00 -0800, you wrote:
>>Sri Raamajayam
>>Sri GopAla DEsika MahaDEsikaya Namaha
>>It is indeed our greatest blessing to have Sri.Sadagopan 
>>and Sri.Anbil Swamin amidst us, sustaining/magnifying our 
>>Acharya/Poorvacharya words in all righteousness
>>and inspiring numerous Bhagavathaas into Sri Vaishnava Sampradaya.  
>>Of course there is a new wave of Sri Vaishnavas emerging in Sri.Mani, 
>>Sri.Muralidhar Rangaswamin, Smt.Praveena, Smt.Nagu Satyan, 
>>Smt.Hemamalini Sridhar and our very own Sri.Madhavakkannan  
>>who have all been inspiring a lot of Bhagavathaas and have 
>>salvaged them from a sinful & material life(Adiyen).
>>On this Pongal, we should thank Sriman Naarayana(Prakrutham Acharya) 
>>for bestowing us with the light and continued radiance for the years 
>>and centuries to follow.
>>Regarding Sri.Venkat's disappointment of fall in Vedic virtues, 
>>Adiyen strongly feel the other way.   There is a stronger generation
>> emerging, and we still have great Acharyas like Sri.Poundareekapuram 
>>Srimad Andavan, Srimushnam Srimad Andavan, Sri.Prakrutham Azhagiya 
>>Singhar, Sri.Parakala Mutt Swamin, Sri.Vanamaamalai Jeeyar, 
>>Sri.Rangapriya Swami who are all strong exponents of Vedas/Prabandham 
>>and have strong Anushtaanam and Vairaghyam to lead us to eternal 
>>happiness.  There are other Bhagavathaas like Sri.Anantha Rangachar, 
>>Sri.Anantha Nrusimhachar, Sri.Mannargudi Srinivasan, Sri.Alwar, 
>>Sri.Karunakaran Swami, Sri.Velukkudi Krishnan, Sri.Bhuvaraghavachariar 
>>Swami apart from the Bhagavathaas I mentioned above, who will continue 
>>to hold the torch of Pramaanas for future generations.  Sri.Venkat, 
>>Adiyen have noticed Vedic scholars even among young and accomplished 
>>people in the Bay Area, like Srinivasan Iyengar(Yajur Vedas),
>> Sri.Balaji(Ruk Veda -Arizona) and aspiring scholars like Sri.Muralidhar
>> Rangaswamy(Saama Veda), Sri.Mani(Yajur Veda), Sri Maha Vishnu Vinjamuri 
>>and a huge contingent of small boys and teens interested in learning 
>>Vedas.  And of course there are small people like Adiyen, who 
>>would be pleased to do Paadha Kaimkaryam to these great souls.  So 
>>please be happy, the future is bright and Perumaal will always 
>>create/show/sustain the ways for eternity.  If Swamin is still not 
>>convinced, Adiyen would suggest, Swamin to invite and start a Sri 
>>Vaishnava Sathsangham in your area, you would be happy to see the 
>>involvement in the current/future generations and in return we 
>>could benefit from a wealth of Sath Vishayam.  Of course if there 
>>are specific ills in our society(like materialistic Vadhiyaars, 
>>Archakas..., lack of respect/appreciation of Vedic scholars)
>>we could all work towards reforming the system(by our example).
>>Adiyen Sri Raamanuja Daasan,
>>Sudarsana Dasosmi