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Samprokshanam-some updates

From: venkat iyengar (
Date: Fri Jan 14 2000 - 06:02:32 PST

        Srimatyai Godayai Nama:

minnaar-thadamathiL-soozh villi-puth-thoor-enRu orukaal,
son-naar-kazhaR-kamalam soodi-nOm....

Once two Bhagavathas were talking with
each other on some general matters.During
their conversation one of them happened to
mention the name "Srivilliputtur".Immediatly
the other bowed his head and folded his 
hands in Anjali mudra.Such is the reverence
attached to the name- SRIVILLIPUTTUR
 A note about the utsavams in Srivilliputtur.....

     This Margazhi .the Utsavams were held at the Andal Thirukovil instead of Gopala vilasam at the Perumal kovil..In the popular Divya desams where a lot of Utsavams are held,generally they promptly start at the Scheduled time and finish at the given time also they tend be  generally crowded.In Srivilliputtur the proceedings are done in a slow and a leisurely manner with both the Bhattar and the Sevarthees being able to Enjoy the Bhagavath Anubhavam to their fullest extent.On many occasions they stretch well past midnight upto next morning
This year for the Nammazhwar Moksham 
Perumal ,Andal and Mannar came to the Thirukkalyana Mandapam before 7:30 pm,
but it took around 4:15 am next morning 
for the proccedings to finish!
Also on many occasions one can have a near
(just a couple of feet ) sevai and Niraindha Sevai of Andal and Mannar as many people come only for the major Utsavams.There are many other utsavams which have a rich significance but are not that well known or well attended.Hence this town
is very popular with Bhagavathas who have
retired from service and want to spend the rest
of their lives in Bhagavath Anubhavam in a
convenient manner.

               Another feature is during the 
thiruther Utsavam,Andal and Mannar are
at a height of about 40 feet from the ground
seated in the ther.Now when the Bhattar 
shows the dheepam in front of Perumal
(especially in the evenings) Simultaneously
thousands of people can watch and  clearly 
see the 'glow' on andal and mannar's face.The Height here gives a tremendous 

Lot of activity is going on for the Samprokshanam.Roads are being relaid at 
a few places.The front entrance to the
Andal temple (from the sannidhi theru-
Ahobila Madam) has been given a facelift.Inside the Andal temple the Vahana
Mandapams ,prakarams,mani mandapam all
have been repaired

  After a gap of 53 years ,the Perumal
Kovil-Vadapatrasayee temple -the Divya
Desam is also getting ready for the Samprokshanam.Lots of work has been done 
for the Thiruthuzaay Mandapam.The
moolasthanam Periaperumal sannidhi was closed last July-August to undertake major
repairs.The chakrath azhwar sannidhi,
udayavar,Koorathazhwan and Periyazhwar Sannidhis have been given a major facelift.
GOPURAM- The renovation and repair
activity is going on for more than 10 years
It was stopped for sometime in between.The tower renovation is supported by UNESCO and also the state Govt of Tamilnadu.More than Rs 40 lakhs have been spent for the renovation of the tower alone.The base has been strengthened by providing RCC panels .The tower has been Painted and is presently covered.

  Another busy season continues with 
the Thiruppavai Conference and final
Preparations for the Samprokshanam.

Arulmigu Sri Nachiar Thirukovil Devasthanam-Srivilliputtur Mahasamprokshanam on 10 Feb 2000.

For Devotees in India and other Countries except USA/CANADA.

Donations/Contributions can be made by a CHEQUE or a DEMAND DRAFT 

IN FAVOUR OF: "The Secretary and treasurer of Thiruppani committee"

PAYABLE: through the State bank of India OR Canara bank or Indian 
bank at Srivilliputtur Branch (virdhunagar district)


The Secretary and Treasurer
Sri Andal Temple Renovation Committee
Arulmigu Nachiar (Andal) Temple
Virdhunagar Dist

TAX EXEMPTION: Donations for the Renovation are exempt under Section 
88(6) of the Income Tax Act 1961

For Devotees in USA /CANADA :-

Contributions for this great Kaimkaryam will be collected through 
Sri Vaishnava Seva Samithi.Please send your cheques payable to SMSA 
Inc (Txx ID: 75-2641081, Non-Profit 501 (c)(3)) to Smt Nagu Satyan 
7821,West Alder Dr,Littleton CO 80128-5522
Please identify in your cheque (in the notes area) "Srivillipuththoor Temple Kainkaryam." 

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