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Periya Thirumozhi 7.6- "aaraa innamudhaik kaNdu koNdu KaLitthEnE"

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 22:28:14 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Very happy pongal! Please enjoy eating this insatiable sakkaraip pongal from 
ThirumangaiAzhwAr's "aaraa innamudhu.. karaar karumugil, kaRpakam, pEraan, 
Thirukkudanthai Perumaan" today..

In the last ten, AzhwAr said, “pOna punithar” ( The purest Lord, had 
deserted me and gone).
Emperumaan heard that and consoles AzhwAr saying “Where have I gone? For you 
alone, I am here at these Divya Desams! Naturally, AzhwAr is in ecstasy 
again enjoying the Divya Desam looking at Emperumaan showing Himself so 

1. the SarvEshawaran, Emperumaan, adiyEn’s Swami, the One who has Sanghu in 
His left hand and fire like ChakrA in His right; the One who appeared as the 
most ferocious lion faced Narasimha Roopam, and tore open the chest of 
strong hiraNyan’s body, (and rejoiced at that when he appeared to keep 
Prahadan’s word)- I am (blessed to be ) able to see Him and enjoy Him at 
this Thiruvazhundhoor DivyaDesam, where brahmins of the likes of four faced 
BrahmA (such calibre), live. I am blessed to enjoy seeing Him, the beautiful 
  red lotus eyed Lord, staying permanently at this place.  (“kamalakkaNNanai 
adiyEn kaNdu koNdEnE”)

2. Emperumaan- the ever yuvaa- Youthful- Paramapadha nAthan- the One who had 
axe in His Hand and finsihed off the generations of kings, (ensured that 
none by the name of king shall exist, as ParasurAma avtaar); - the Lord of 
bluish dark vast ocean colour,; -the One who showers grace on devotees 
feeling painful for their sorrows with “aiyO!” always and makes Himself 
present permanently at Thiruvazhundhoor for devotees thereby; the Chief of 
Nithyasooris- I am blessed to enjoy seeing Him with my own eyes. (“dEvaadhi 
dEvanai naan kaNdu koNdu thiLaitthEnE!”

3.  Akilajagath  Swami- the One who created the world surrounded by waters; 
- the One who sent the strong fiery chakrA on Sivan, the rishabha vaahanan, 
when he came to fight in support of VaaNaasuran; - the one who destroyed the 
abode of asurAs- the lankA; the One who has Thiruvazhundhoor as a permanent 
place of residence; - I am (blessed to be) saved by holding on to Him. 
(“aNiazhundhoor udaiyaanai- adiyEn adaindhu uyndhu pOnEnE!”)

4. The Lord, who lifted effortlessly on His little finger the huge 
Govardhanagiri; the One who saved GajEndrAzhwAn; the Lion in a Battle; the 
little Cowherd Boy KaNNan, who enjoyed eating ghee, and curd; the Emperumaan 
of Thiruvazhundhoor; - I have (been blessed to have) seen Him to my heart’s 
content. (“aNiazhundhoor ninRaanai- adiyEn kaNdu koNdu niRaindhEnE”)

5. The One who angrily finished Kamsan off;- the Lord, who is at 
ThirukkaNNamangai; - the One who sucked the cunning Poothanai by drinking 
her breast milk along with her life; the Emperumaan who is permanently 
showing Himself off like the huge beautiful mountain at Thiruvazhundhoor, 
(where brahmins who recite all four Vedas live- )- I (am blessed to) have 
seen and enjoyed Him. (anjankkunRam thannai adiyEn kaNdu koNdEnE)

6. SarvEshawran; Sarva vyApakan; the Lord, who can not be comprehended by 
even Indran, Chief of Indran, the four faced brahmA, and Sivan, the one who 
dresses his body with the elephant’s skin happily- Such greatest Emperumaan, 
the dark hued Lord who is at Thiruvazhundhoor where brahmins come to pay 
their obeisance- I (am blessed to) enjoy seeing Him here. ( “azhundhoor 
maRaiyOragaL adipaNiyum kariyaanai adiyEn kaNdu koNdu kaLitthEnE”)

7. The Lord, in whose Chest Periya PiraaTTi resides permanently; the Creator 
and cause of the directions, the earth, the waters, the fire, the space et 
al; - the sarIrI of all of these (they are His sarIram); the antharyaami of 
the five elements; the kaRpaka tree in Thioruvazhundhoor – (like a tree, He 
is here deeply rooted) – I (am blessed to) enjoy seeing Him here. 
(“kaRpakatthai kaNdu koNdu kaLitthEnE”)

8. The Lord, who enjoys making adiyEn His eternal servant and making me 
perform Nithya kaimkaryam; - the Lord who rules the BhUmi PiraaTTi’s 
breasts; (means Her divine Consort); the Lord, who is staying permanenetly 
at the beautiful Thiruvazhundhoor Diva Desam, where the wide streets appear 
like the oceans (and where the recitation of four Vedas is heard like the 
noisy waves)- the Lord who is known by the saasthras- I (am blessed to) 
enjoy seeing Him here. (“nilai aaL aaga ennai uganthaanai- kaNdu koNdu 

9. The Emperumaan of ThiruppEr; -the Lord of Thirukkudanthai- the Divine 
Consort of Periya PiraaTTi- (on red lotus flower- the one who wears the 
“kaccham” on Her beautiful tender breasts); - the sweetest nectar, the taste 
of whom can never satisfy anyone, the insatiable nectar…- the Emperumaan who 
stays permanently at Thiruvazhundhoor, the dark black cloud coloured Lord- I 
(am blessed to) enjoy seeing Him here. (“pEraanai, kudanthai perumaanai, - 
kaaraar karumugilaik kaNdu koNdu kaLitthEnE!”)

10. The Emperumaan, who is permanently at Thiruvazhundhoor, where resident 
of the likes of (calibre of) strong Murugan (“thiRal murugan anaiyaar”) 
live; - the cause for all virtues (“aRa mudhalvan”)- the SarvEshawaran- 
about whom – this ten on Emperumaan of Thiruvazhundoor, is sung by Kaliyan, 
the king of Thiruvaali citizens; the strong one who aims his spear at his 
enemies and conquers them. Those who read this ten, will rule the world of 
Nithya sooris.

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLe SaraNam


Narayana Narayana
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