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Sri Vaibhavam

From: Srimahavishnu Vinjamuri (
Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 06:34:39 PST

Dear BhAgavatas,


Now let us see what samSLEshaika sukhatvam, visleshaika dukhatvam and tadeka nirvahyatvam mean.

samslEShaika sukhatvam:Piratti is always happy or rather blissful in Her association with PerumAL.This is quite natural.

visleshaika dukhatvam:

 Though the divine couple are inseparable,
they sometimes perform the pastime of seaparating from each other which is quite kshaNikam. During such period of separation, Bhagavat parama praNayinI undergoes a lot of suffering, as She cannot tolerate  His vislesham even for a while.
SitA piraatti's exile in lanka and Rukmini thayar's (thayar of our thiruvallikkeni divyadesam) longing for kaNNan before He comes and receives Her hand, are very good examples for this quality of piraatti.

During Friday, Thirumanjanam, She is taken down from the divine chest of jagadeka saranyan. As
She cannot bear this at all, nAcchiyAr TirumoLi is to be recited to pacify Her,as this SrIsUkti of Alwar thirumagal describes the pangs of Her separation from kannan. Perhaps this recitation tells Her that the kainkaryaparars are aware of Her dukham and will soon join Her with Her Priyan, Who is like Son for vaikhanasas and father for Srivaishnavas.

Tadeka nirvaahyatvam: She is always under the nirvaaham of PerumAL alone. She always acts according to what He wishes. That is why She said SItobhava hanumatah (be cool for HanumAn) to agni,as HanumAn came on rAma kAryam. at the same time, She never said nashtObhava (get destroyed) to rAvaNan. This is in accordance
with PerumAl's vow that He would Himself kill the abductor of sItA. Being extremely merciful, the divine mediatrix and mother of universe advised raavanan to surrender to the lOtus Feet of PerumAL which would relieve him form all his apachArams and open the doors of paramapadam.

Let us see how Her divine name i.e. Sri is defined by elders in my next mail.

Andal Thiruvadigale saranam
chakravarti thirumagan thiruvadigale saranam
ALwar emberumanar jeeyar thiruvedigale saranam

daasaanu daasan

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