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Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 02:59:22 PST

Dear Srivaishnava perunthagaiyeer

To add one more on ManivaNNan- 
8. 	pan maNi muththu in pavaLam pathiththanan en maNi vaNNan- 1-6-3
periyaazhvaar- palap pala nalla muththukkal- different kinds of very good
pearls, in pavalam- inimaiyaana pavalam- sweetly coloured corals etc are
inserted in jewels and such jewels are worn by my maNivaNNan

Now let us see the next word- sEvadi.

SEvadi is split as sigappu adi- red coloured feet- the feathers of garudan
are either black or dark grey. Lord's feet are lotus coloured. For a person
seeing the feet from a distance, that too standing in the ground and the
lord appearing in the sky, in the black back ground the lotus coloured feet
appearing as red is logical. 
Sevvi- is beauty so sevviya sEvadi

1.	The feet's beauty is described as in thoL kaNdaar- thaaL kaNdaar.
There is also a song by aruNachalak kavi: KaaNa vENdum laksham kaNgal
seethaa dhEvi than kaalukku nigarO peNgaL?- but such a beautiful seethaa
also enjoys the feet of her lord raama- while walking in the forest, raama
goes first, seetha in the middle and lakshmana following as a protection.
While going in the order she enjoys her husband's walking style and the
beauty of the feet- walks like a simham- or like an elephant- both
comparisons suit well- because he is the raghava simham, he is indhra of the
dhevEndhra (indhra in samskrit means head of a country - so you can set of
your minds on the beauty of the feet of the lord
2.	"KaNNan kazhaliNai" is the lines of nammaazhvaar written and placed
on the sangap palaki in madurai and these words drowned the other paadalgal
and which established supremacy of the aazhvaar paadalgaL. So the kazhal
perumai- the fame of sEvadi is without parallel. (kazhal means- thiruvadi,
an ornament worn in the legs, a playing instrument)

3.	On the beauty of "thath padham" bhaagavathaas can also refer the
"bhavayaami" krithi meaning and commentary recently posted.

4.	Gangai neer payantha paadha pankayaththem aNNalE- thiruchchantha
viruththam- 24- the Lord whose lotus feet have given us the pure ganges
water- such sEvadi

5.	Irakka maN koduththavarku irukka onRuminRiyE parakka vaiththaLanthu
koNda paRpapaadhanallaiyE- thiruchchantha viruththam-32- a person who came
begging for 3 feet of earth was given by the king. For that king nothing was
left with to live- such a receiver (to call him beggar is not apt) measured
with his feet which was spread..... and spread.... Parakka vaiththu aLanthu
konda- the sEvadi- lotus feet.

6.	Manniya thaN saaral vadavEnkataththaan than ponniyalum sEvadigaL-
4-11 perumaal thrumozhi- thaN saaral manniya vadavEnkataththaan than
ponniyalum sEvadigaL- the raindrops or dew drops which are cool are always
dripping in that north thiruvEnkata malai and the lord of such mali has
golden feet- same word sevadigal is added by KP

A long list can be added for the sEvadi and I stop with this. Next paasuram
we will take up in next post.

Dasan Vasudevan M.G.