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nAcciyAr tirumozhi XII - maRRu irundIrgaTku 1-10

From: Kalyani Krishnamachari (
Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 06:58:32 PST

      SrI ANDAL samEta SrI rangamannAr tiruvaDigaLE

General Introduction to nAcciyAr tirumozhi XII - maRRu

godai tries her best to keep on living based on two
hopes:  1. Even though emperumAn is a svatantran and
can do whatever He likes, He is also subservient to
His devotees;  and 2. godai is born to periAzhvAr, and
bhagavAn will not exercise His svAtantriyam in a
detrimental way towards periAzhvAr's own daughter, and
so she is bound to reach Him.  But time flies and no
sign of bhagavAn; godai's tApam increases by leaps and
bounds, and she wants to reach Him immediately and
wants to go to His temple and ask Him why He is
torturing her like this. Since she does not have
energy left in her body anymore to go anywhere by
herself, she pleads with her folks to please take her
to His places like mathura, AyppADi, gOkulam or
dvArakai.  This is the topic of this tirumozhi - maRRu

Meanings from SrImAn SaDagOpan's tamizh treatise:

pASuram 12.1 (twelth tirumozhi - pAsuram 1 maRRu
irundIrgaTku )

maRRu irundIrgatku aRiyalAgA mAdhavan enbadOr anbu
uRRu irundEnukku uraippadu ellAm UmaiyarODu SeviDar
peRRu irundALai ozhiyavE pOip pErttu oru tAi il
vaLarnda nambi
mal porundA mal kaLam aDainda maduraip purattu ennai

You can't understand the depth of love I have for
kaNNan.  All the advice and consolation that you are
giving me saying I should be more patient and wait for
Him, is like a conversation that happens between a
deaf person and a dumb person.  The only fruitful
service you can do for me now is to take me anywhere
close to mathurA, the place of kaNNan who was born to
dEvaki but left her and went to nanda gOkulam and grew
as yasOdhai's son, and who bravely arrived at the
fighting grounds and waited to face the boxers even
before they arrived to fight Him with the intent of
killing Him. I beg of you, please leave me somewhere
near that mathurA.

pASuram 12.2 (twelth tirumozhi - pAsuram 2  nANi ini
Or )

nANi ini Or karumam illai nAl ayalArum aRindu ozhindAr

pANiyAdu ennai marundu Seydu paNDu paNDAkka uRudirAgil
mANi uruvAi ulagu aLanda mAyanaik kANil talai maRiyum
AnaiyAl nIr ennaik kAkka vENDil AyppADikkE ennai

There is no point feeling ashamed about the situation
anymore. Everyone in this village now knows about me
and my viraha tApam.  Without delaying any further,
make arrangements for me to join Him, if you really
want to restore me to the state of physical health I
was in before I got involved with Him.  If you all
really want to save me,  take me to AyppADi so that I
can have the darSanam of the emperumAn who came in a
dwarf form and measured the three worlds with His
tirup pAdam.  This is the only thing that will cure my

pASuram 12.3 (twelth tirumozhi - pAsuram 3 tandaiyum
tAyum )

tandaiyum tAyum uRRArum niRkat tani vazhi pOyinAL
ennum Sollu
vanda pinnaip pazhi kAppu aridu mAyavan vandu uruk
kondaLam Akkip parakka azhittuk kuRumbu SeyvAn Or
maganaip peRRa
nandagopAlan kaDait talaikkE naLLiruL kaN ennai

This mAyavan is constantly coming to me in my dreams
and attracting me by showing His beautiful form.  I
cannot resist Him much longer.  If I am forced to
leave my mother, my father and all my relatives and
run on my own to gOkulam, the defamation that will
befall all of you cannot be erased after the fact.  
To avoid this defamation from happening, please take
me to the front yard of nandagOpan's house in the
middle of the dark night and leave me there.  This is
where I will find the naughty boy who picks up fights
with the young girls, plays naughty tricks on them,
and gets them in trouble.  (If you leave me in the
darkness, the dark-hued kaNNan will come out without
being noticed by His parents and embrace me;  if you
leave me during the daylight, He will not come out of
His house because of fear of His parents, and I shall
die, and then you will be blamed for that;  but by
leaving me in the middle of the night, all these
problems can be avoided, and I can get to embrace

pASuram 12.4 (twelth tirumozhi - pAsuram 4 angait

am kait talattiDai Azhi koNDAn avan mugat tanRi
vizhiyEn enRu
Se'ngaccuk kONDu kaNNADai Arttu Siru mAniDavaraik
kANil nANum
ko'ngait talam ivai nOkkik kANIr govindanukku allAl
vAyil pOgA
i'nguttai vAzhvai ozhiyavE pOi yamunaik karaikku ennai

Every part of my body belongs to Him and to no one
else.  As evidence of that, even my breasts which are
covered  with dark red clothes, and shrink at the very
thought of my having to look at any lowly human being,
but rise with joy when the thought of govindan goes
through my mind.  I don't belong to anyone except
emperumAn who has the cakra in His beautiful hand. 
Instead of my having to live in the midst of the
current conditions, please take me to the banks of the
yamunA river and leave me there. 

pASuram 12.5 (twelth tirumozhi - pAsuram 5Arrkum ennO)

Arkkum en nOi idu aRiyalAgAdu ammanaimIr! tuzhadip
kArkkaDal vaNNan enbAn oruvan kaikkaNDa yOgam taDavat
nIrkkarai ninRa kaDambai Erik kALiyan ucciyil naTTam
pOrkkaLamAga niruttam Seida poigaik karaikku ennai

Oh My mothers! No one can understand or diagnose the
sickness I have.  Don't try to find cure or treatment
for this disease yourselves and feel sad that none of
your treatments are working.  Instead, please take me
to the pond where kaNNan jumped from the kaDambA tree
on to the top kALIyan's hoods and made a battlefield
out of the dance that He performed there.  If He so
much as gently passes His hands over me, that is all
what is needed for curing me of my sickness, and it is
guaranteed to work.
pASuram 12.6(twelfth tirumozhi - pAsuram 6 kArttaN

kAr taN mugilum karu viLaiyum kAyA malarum kamalap
IrttiDuginRa ennai vandiTTu iruDIkESan pakkal pOgE
vErttu paSittu vayiRu aSaindu vENDu aDisil uNNum Podu
pArttu irundu neDu nOkkuk koLLum patta viloSanattu

The dark, rainy cloud,. karuviLai flower, kAyA flower
and lotus flower keep reminding me of His exquisitely
beautiful form and keep prodding me towards Him. 
Please take me to the patta vilOcana kshetram, where
hungry kaNNan is eagerly waiting for the rishi-patni-s
to bring food to Him for eating after being tired from
taking the cows for grazing.  (This incident is
described in SrImad bhAgavatam 10.23 in detail).

pASuram 12.7 (twelfth tirumozhi - pAsuram 7 vaNNam

vaNNam tirivum manam kuzhaivum mAnam ilAmaiyum vAi
uNNal uRAmaiyum uL melivum Oda nIr vaNNan enbAn oruvan
taN am tuzhAi ennum mAlai koNDu SUTTat taNiyum
pilamban tannaip
paNNazhiya baladEvan venRa pANDi vaDatttu ennai

The loss of color in my body, my mental weakness, my
defamed feminity, the whiteness in my mouth, the loss
of my appetite, all these will be cured only if I wear
the cool, beautiful, tulasi garland that the
ocean-hued kaNNan has worn on His body.  (Since you
cannot do that) at least please take me to the Ala
maram (tree) called pANDIram, where balarAman
destroyed pralambAsuran (I can join kaNNan when He is
watching His brother's heroic feats). 
pASuram 12.8(twelfth tirumozhi - pAsuram 8  kaRRinam

kaRRinam mEykkavum mEykkap peRRAn kADu vAzh Sadiym
Agap peRRAn
paRRi uraliDai Appum uNDAn pAvigAL ungaLukku Eccuk
kaRRana pESi vaSavuNAdE kAligaL uyya mazhai taDuttuk
koRRak kuDaiyAga Endi ninRa gOvarttanattu ennai

The womenfolk try to advice godai against her wanting
to go to kaNNan.  They ask her:  "Why are you pining
for this kaNNan who has the livelihood of just looking
after cows, who was born in the caste of cowherds
living in the forest and away from home, and who got
caught stealing butter and got punished by being tied
to a mortar".  This makes godai very mad and she
chides them in return: "Oh, sinners!  Why are you
looking at His guNams as faults?  That is all what
your intelligence level is. Do not get any more
chidings from me. Instead, please take me to the
gOvardhana malai that He held like an umbrella to save
the cows and Ayar kulam from the wrath of indra.
pASuram 12.9(twelth tirumozhi - pAsuram 9 kUTTilirundu

kUTTil irundu kiLi eppOdum gOvinda! govindA!  enRu
UTTak koDAdu SeRuppan Agil ulagaLandAn enRu uyarak
nATTil talaip pazhi eydi u'ngaL nanmai izhandu talai
SUTTUyar mADa'ngaL Suzhndu tOnRum tuvarApatikku ennai

My pet parrot is always calling "gOvinda, gOvinda". 
Thinking that it is doing this in order to hurt me by
reminding me of Him only because I keep it well fed,
if I make it starve, it starts calling "ulagaLandAn"
(emperumAn who measured all the worlds).  These acts
by the parrot are making me more love-lorn for my
kaNNan. Before I lose myself in love and do anything
to bring shame to myself and to you all, please take
me to dwArakA with its tall and beautiful structures. 

pASuram 12.10(twelfth tirumozhi - pAsuram 10 mannu
madurai )

mannu madurai toDakkamAga vaN tuvarApati tannaLavum
tannait tamaruyttup peyya vENDit tAzh kuzhalAL tuNiNda
ponniyal mADam polindu tOnRum puduvaiyar kOn
viTTucittan godai
inniSaiyAl Sonna Se'ncol mAlai Etta vallArkku iDam

godai who has beautiful thick long hair, and who is
the daughter of vishNucittan, the leader of the
srIvilliputtUr that has gold-laden palaces, 
conveys to her relatives her firm resolve to be taken
to all the divya dESams associated with kaNNan
starting from mathurA and ending with dwArakai,
through these pASurams which are set to music and are
filled with beautiful words with deep meaning.  Those
who are able tochant these pASurams will get to go to
vaikuNTham through the arcirAdi mArgam and live with
To learn more about the mahA samprOkshaNam of SrI
villiputtUr temple on February 10,  2000, please visit
or contact SrI venkaT iyengAr at  
or SrI SaDagOpan at  

sarvam SrIman nArAyaNAyEti samarpayAmi.

kalyANi kRshNamAcAri

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