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Sri VenkatEsa managaLam : Part 2

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 06:10:33 PST

(8) akAla tatthvam-asrAntham aathmAnam anupasyathAm
    athrupthyAmrutha -roopAya VenkatEsAya MangaLam 

Lord VenkatEsA is celebrated for the divine beauty
of His archA vigraham worshipped at Thirumalai. He
is also revered for His attributes as well as His 
Aathma svarUpam or Para Brahmam aspects. There has 
never been any one in the past or present , who have
been satiated from looking at the matchless physical 
beauty or thinking about His incomparable anantha
kalyANa guNAs.In future also , it is unlikely that 
we would meet any one , who will fully understand 
the Sri VenkatEsa Tatthvam or Svaroopam .Let all
MangaLAs accumulate and reach the divine feet of
Lord VenkatEsA !

(9) prAya: svacharaNou pumsAm SaraNyathvEna paaNinA
    krupayA disathE Sri VenaktEsAya MangaLam

Lord VenkatEsA ! Your right hand has a varadha mudhrA 
(gesture). That gesture points to the direction of 
Your divine feet. It appears that this mudhrA reveals
Your secret that Your holy feet are the sole means
for deliverance from the ills of samsArA through 
the act of surrender (SaraNAgathi) unto them. Let all
MangaLAs come Your way as the revealer of SaraNAgathi
rahasyam out of Your infinite mercy through this mudhrA !

(10) dayAmrutha tarangiNyAs-tarangair iva seethaLa:
     apAngais sinjathE visvam VenkatEsAya MangaLm 

Lord VenkatEsA looks at the world with His eyes
full of infinite mercy and compasssion. The world 
and its denizens respond with supreme joy ;their
happiness is comparable to the joy resulting from 
repeated immersions in a wave-laden river of nectar . 
The world and its lives are rejuvenated and energized
by the power of that merciful look . Let all MangaLAs
fall on the supreme abode of DayA , Sri VenkatEsA !

(11) srag-bhUshaNaambara -hEthinAm sushumAvahamoorthayE
     sarvArthi-samanAyAsthu VenkatEsAya MangaLam 

Lord VenkatEsA has the most beautiful body , which
is adorned by fragrant garlands , powerful weapons 
and lovely clothes. He wipes out the sorrows of all
of His devotees. Let all auspiciousness shower on
the beautiful ThirumEni of Sri VenkatEsA !

(12) Srivaikunta-virakthAya SvAmi PushkaraNI-thatE
     RamayA ramamANAya VenkatEsAya MangaLam 

Sriman NaarAyaNaa got tired of His abode in 
Sri Vaikuntam and abandoned it in favor of  
a new residence on the banks of Swami PushkaraNi 
at Thirumalai. There , He has incarnated as 
Sri VenkatEsA and protects forever His dear devotees; 
there, He also sports with Sri MahA Lakshmi and has
given Her a preferred seat of residence on His chest
and thereby acquired the name of SrinivAsan . Let all
MangaLams befall SrinivAsA of Swami PushkaraNi!

(13) Srimath Sundara-jaamAthru muni maanasa-vaasinE
     Sarvaloka nivAsAya SrinivAsaaya MangaLam 

Sri VenkatEsA resides in the heart lotus of
great BhakthAs like Sri MaNavALa MaamunigaL. 
He is the indweller(antharyAmi) of all living
beings. Let all auspiciousness come the  way of 
Sri VenkatEsA , who is the succor and sustenance
of all BhaagavathAs !

(14) MangaLAsAsana-parair-madhAchArya -purOgamai:
     sarvaisccha poorvair-AachAryai:sathkruthAyAsthu MangaLam

All of my AchAryAs (preceptors) , their AchAryAs
and the other AchAryAs have sung the glory of 
Sri VenkatEsA's auspicious attributes from time
immemorial . AdiyEn's praise of His KalyANa guNAs 
is therefore nothing new and does not represent
an isolated act.AdiyEn joins with my AchAryAs
and predecessors in wishing Sri VenkatEsA 
all auspiciousness!

Subhamasthu ,Daasan
OppilA-appan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan