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Periya Thirumozhi 7.5- "vandhu, en manam pugundhu ninRaar..."

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 03:12:08 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

In the last ten, AzhwAr melted at the great qualities of BhAgawathAs, and 
now, he starts longing for their darling Emperumaan, and gets into nAYikA 
bhAvam. He becomes Parakaala Naayaki.  “She” likes the Lord of 
Thiruvazhundhoor and enjoys His kalyANA guNAs in this ten.

1. Thiruvazhundhoor has got its residents, who are always youthful brahmins 
performing thrikaala sandhyavandhanam and  agnihOthram. This place’s 
greatness is: Emperumaan, who made the hand cuffs of His Father Vasudevar 
unfasten automatically, the moment He appeared as Kutti KaNNan. The 
Ksheeraandhi nAthan, appeared in the mid night- My Swami; My Kula nAthan; 
the One who is interested in adiyEn; stays permanently at this sthalam like 

2. Thiruvazhundhhor, where, the kurugu birds, retaining the fish in its 
beak, get scared looking at the large fishes that jump out of the beautiful 
ponds joyfully, and flee; but come back towards the same a little later with 
temptations of catching the same. At such a beautiful place, Emperumaan ,The 
One who rove the chariot victoriously for Arjunan, to destroy the strong 
DuryOdhanaadhis in the battle filed; the Chief of Nithyasooris stays 

3. The bees that look for food in the branches of trees, and flowers, join 
and reside in the fragrant, dark tresses of darting, large eyed women of 
Thiruvazhundhoor. AT this beautiful place, Emperumaan, the most strongest 
warrior, Ramapiraan, who effortlessly cut the ten heads of strong rAvaNan, 
(the king of lankA, being surrounded by beautiful golden ramparts) resides 

4. The caring, loving male bird looks for food in the fields of 
Thiruvazhundhhor, (for its little ones). The unparalleled most wonderful 
Lord, the little infant Emperumaan, who had reclined on small Banyan leaf 
during praLaya kaalam, having the entire Universe in His stomach for 
protecting the same, and then (now) entered into adiyEn heart, and not only 
that ; He stands in my mind and my eyes too; the greatest Param and 
Sowlabhyam stays permanently at this sthalam.

5. This place Thiruvazhundhoor is known for very many flags (kodiyE; 
vidhaanamE!); the dirt that spreads everywhere due to the large chariots’ 
running; the fragrance that emanates form the dark hairs of women folks; all 
these dirt with fragrance appear like dark clouds on the earth. Here, 
Emperumaan who is the day and night; who has the earth and the sky as His 
possessions; who has the brightest unparalleled light as well as the eternal 
darkness (during praLayam) as His as well; Such greatest SarvEshwaran- stays 
permanently like SrivaikuNtam.

6. The tall buildings, that even tear open the clouds in the sky; thereby 
the dark clouds rain drizzle on the beautiful women folks who dance with the 
dancing bells being heard everywhere at Thiruvazhundhoor. Emperumaan, the 
most beautiful Lord, My Swami- Lord of this sthalam, with His curvy red 
lotus mouth, smiled at adiyEn and came near me and stood next to me. (and 
then entered into adiyEn’s heart)

7.  Thiruvazhundhoor, where the huge homes (as big as the vast ocean 
banks..) have got tall buildings on their tops, that are white washed 
beautifully externally. The smoke that comes out of the sugar cane plants 
hide even the sun rays that fall on these tall buildings. At this beautiful 
sthalam, Emperumaan who had come in the evening- stayed on top of flower 
beds- entered into adiyEn’s heart, - seen the tears (of joy?) that roll from 
my beautiful eyes- being unable to leave me, - has decided to stay here 

8. The dancing bells that are worn by tender footed young women of 
Thiruvazhundhoor, make great musical sound at this place, that are heard at 
all times. It appears like a dream, the way He married and  united with me, 
tormenting me and my tender waist, also making me joyful to my fullest 
heart’s content. (Perhaps, He stands here at this sthalam, with folded hands 
with anjali mudra, asking kshama for some of His actions..) (what an 
anubhavam of Parakala Nayaki!) (nenju niRaiyak kai kooppi ninRaar..)

9. Thiruvazhundhoor is so beautiful, with the fishes jumping in those ponds; 
with the bees singing on top of the beautiful red lotus flowers; the swans 
swimming along with their mates. This pristinely purest Emperumaan, who 
resides at this sthalam permanently, came yesterday at my place, (by 
Himself), (joined me) and stole my jnAnEndriyas, and my beauty, thereby 
making my beautiful golden dress loosen and fall from my waist 
automatically. He has deserted me.

10. This ten, sung by the king of Thirumangai, on Emperumaan of 
Thiruvazhundhoor (where the karuneydhal flowers ape the large beautiful eyes 
of women folks; the kumudham flower show their mouths; the red petalled 
lotus lowers mime their faces… such fertile lands). Those who learn these 
ten, will have no sins at all standing near them.

Thirumangal AzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam


Narayana Narayana

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