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Sri VenkatEsa Prapatthi--Part III

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Jan 10 2000 - 18:00:16 PST

(11) PaarthAya tathsadrusa sAraThinA thvayayaiva
     yau darsithou svacharaNou saraNam vrajEthi I
     bhUyOpi mahyamiha thE karadarsithou thau 
     Sri VenkatEsa charaNou saraNam prapadhyE II

(Meaning): Oh Lord SrinivAsA ! In Your incarnation as 
Sri KrishNA , You revealed the secret of Your holy feet
as the indispensable means for attaining salvation 
through the statement " maamEkam SaraNam vraja" . 
On the top of ThiruvEnkatam hills , You gesture 
to Your feet with Your right hand and give us 
the same message that You gave to ArjunA as his 
charioteer in KurushEthrA battle field.

(12) manmUrdhni KaaLiyaphaNE vikaDADavIshu
     Sri VenkaDAdhri sikharE sirasi sruthinAm I
     chitthEpyananya manasAmsamamAhithou thE
     Sri VenkatEsa charaNou SaraNam prapadhyE II

(Meaning ): Oh VenkatEsa! Your holy feet danced on
the hoods of the serpent KaaLiyA during Your incarnation
as Sri KrishNA ; they also roamed in the forest such as 
DanDakA and BrindhAvanam in Your two different incarnations.
Now, they rest on the top of ThiruvEnkatam hills 
as well as on the heads of the VedAs and sanctify 
both of them. Your holy feet rest also on the heart
lotuses of Your devotees and on my head. AdiyEn 
considers those sacred feet as my refuge to overcome
the ills of SamsArA. Hence , adiyEn offers my 
SaraNAgathi to Your holy feet .

(13) amlAna hrushya dhavaneetala keerNa pushpou
     Sri VenkaDAdhri sikharaabharaNaayamAnou I
     aanandhidaakhila manO nayanou tavaithou
     SrivEnkatEsa charaNou saraNam prapadhyE II

(Meaning ): The dEvAs and Your devotees from this earth 
shower Your  feet with innumerable fragrant flowers during
their daily archanAs. These piles of flowers reach up to
Your ankles and then spill over and form a flower bed 
around Your feet .Because of their association with Your
divine feet, these flowers never lose their fragrance 
or fade. They shine brilliantly forever and serve as 
decorations around Your divine feet. Your devotees
witness this miracle and understand the transforming 
power of Your holy  feet. AdiyEn surrenders unto those
wish-fulfilling holy feet .

(14) prAya: prapanna janathA prathamAvagAhyou
     maathu: sthanAnAniva sisO; amruthAyamanou
     prApthou paraspara thulA mathulAntharou thE
     Sri VenkatEsa charanou SaraNam prapadhyE 

(Meaning): Oh Sri VenkatEsA ! Your holy feet serve 
as a deep ocean of Mercy to the swarm of devotees ,
who have offered Prapatthi to You. Your acceptance of 
their Prapatthi is similar to the nectar of milk 
offered by the caring Mother from her breasts to
her hungry child. Your feet are matchless in their 
power to drive away the sorrows of this world and
offer refuge in the other world. AdiyEn prostrates
before them and offer my SaraNAgathi unto them .

(15) satthvOttharais satata sEvya paadhAmbhujEna
     samsAra taaraka dayArdhra dhruganjalEna
     soumyOpayanthru muninA mama darsithou thE
     Sri VenkatEsa charaNou SaraNam prapadhyE 

(Meaning): Sri MaNavALa MaamunigaL is worshipped by 
people of pure heart. He is a great ocean of compassion .
He pointed out Your holy feet and revealed to me that 
they are the sole means for attaining lasting happiness 
in this world and to gain eternal residence in Sri VaikunTam.
AdiyEn has followed the path shown by my illustrious
AchAryA and as a result , adiyEn performs my SaraNAgathi
at Your holy feet. 

(16) Srisa SriyA gatikayA thvadhupAyabhAvE
     prApyE thvayi svayamupEyatayA spuranthyA 
     nithyAsrithAya niravdhyaguNAya thubhyam 
     kinkarO vrushagirIsa na jaathu mahyam 

Oh Lord of ThiruvEnkatam hills ! Oh Consort of 
MahA Lakshmi! You are indeed the integrated 
essence of all auspicious qualities . Your 
consort makes us worthy of the object of Your
mercy. When we obtain Your blessings through 
Her intercession , She also presents Herself 
with You as the inseparable , divine couple ;
at that time , both of You become the object of 
our adorations .We will serve both of You with
pure hearts . We shall never be detatched from 
You even for a moment in thought or deed.We will
never consider ourself as svatantra purushAs .
We are indeed blessed to receive the benefits of 
SaraNAgathi performed according to the way 
taught by our AchAryAs to secure Your blessings. 

SrimathE VenkatEsAya namO nama:
AdiyEn , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SadagOpan