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Mumookshapadi -Thirumantra Prakaranam Part-IX
Date: Mon Jan 10 2000 - 00:59:08 PST

Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:
Sri Venkata Gurave Nama:

Respected members of bakthi list,

In the last post we mentioned that  seshatvam(servitude) to Lord becomes
Important , spontaneous and Natural to Chetanas.

We will proceed further:

55. Seshatvam is the Atma's basic svarupam. Since the  Lord is creator and
protector of everyone and due to his Kalyana gunas,'
the realised one knows that the best course of being is to feel that he is
subservient to Him.

56-57. Till such time, the Atma does not realise this due to its ignorance and
prakrrti Sambandam(Due to attachment), the Atma thinks that it is
"Independent" of the Lord and hence "Svanthantaran" This thinking is detrimental
to the Atma. and such person is considered as "sinful"he does not get out of
samsaric cycle of  birth/death.

58. 'Ukaram' in the Pranavam explains that we are all servants of the Lord.
(Here The author and vyakyartha give proofs from Sanskrit grammar to prove this

59. As we are servants of Lord, we are also not bound to any Samsarees or
Mundane people here.

60. It also means that we are servants of Piratti as well.

(once one of the acharyas named Somajiyandan, described a scene from Srimad
Ramayana where Sri Rama was followed by Sita devi and then by Sri Lakshmana like
"as if PRANAVAM was walking along'. The essence of pranavam is that the Lord is
Jagat Swamy and he is never separated by his Consort, Piratti and the all the
Jeevathmas are subservient to them.)

61-65 if one thinks that he is subservient to a mundane samsaree or a ordinary
earthy person, it is equivalent to offering
the ritual offerings of the yagna to a dog then to the devas. the Bagavat
seshatvam should evolve in to annanya seshatvam,  that is servitude ONLY  to
Lord and none else. (this includes Demi Gods, Mundane human beings) Here swami
refers to Thirumazhisai piran's Pasuram "thirmbenmin kanteer" where azwar
describes that to a perfect prapanna who does pray to any demi god  even when he
is absent minded, such prapannas are feared even By Yama and  his servants.Yama
would advice his servants to be very respectful and Humble towards such

Hence we can wind up discussion on"UkAram" saying that

1. Atma by nature is  subservient to the Lord.
2.Such servitutde is ONLY towards the Lord and not to any worldly person or a
Demi God.

we will explore the meanings of "Makram" in the next post.

Azhwar, Emperumanar, Jeeyar thiruvadigale saranam



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