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Sri VenaktEsa Prapatthi--II

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Jan 09 2000 - 18:31:01 PST

(5) RekhAmaya dhvaja sudhA kalasaatapatra 
    vajraankusaambhuruha kalpaka sankha chakrai: I
    bhavairalankrutha talou paratathvachihnai:
    Sri Venkatsa charanou SaraNam prapadhyE II

(Meaning ): Oh Lord of Venkata Giri ! The secret that 
You are the Supreme ruler of all the universes is 
clearly revealed by the markings seen on the soles
of Your holy feet. There , we see the lines taking
the shapes of umbrella , nectar pot , flag , vajrA
weapon , goad , lotus flower , conch , disc and 
kalpakA tree. These symbols adorning Your feet 
offer unmistakable proof that You are the God of
Gods . AdiyEn offers my Prapatthi at these divine 

(6) thAmrOdhara dhyuthi parAjitha Padma Raagou
    baahyair mahObirabhibhUtha mahEndra neelou I
    udhyan nakhAmsubhi rudhastha sasAnga bhAsou
    Sri VenkatEsa charanou SaraNam prapadhyE 

(Meaning ): Oh Lord of Sapthagiri ! The soles of 
Your feet have a reddish hue darker than that of
the best PadmarAgA stones .Your outter feet have 
a hue that in their bluishness defeat the best of
IndraneelA gems. The nails of Your feet outshine 
the Moon in their cool, white lustre. All of these 
hues assoicated with Your holy feet reveal that You
are none other than the Lord of all Universes .
Therefore , adiyEn performs my SaraNAgathi at 
those divine Paadha Kamalams.

(7) saprEmabheethi Kamala kara pallavAbhyAm 
    samvAhanEapi sapadhi klamamaadhanou I
    kaaanthAvavaangmanasa gOchara soukumAryou 
    Sri VenaktEsa charaNou SaraNam prapadhyE II

(Meaning): Oh the Emperor resident at the Venkatam 
hills ! During Your incarnation as ThrivikramA , 
Your feet measured the universes . During Your 
incarnation as Sri RaamA, Your feet travelled over 
harsh forest and mountain paths . These very same
feet are so tender that they bruise from the gentle 
pressure generated by the soft hands of MahA Lakshmi,
when She squeezes them. It is indeed a paradox that
Your matchless feet are harder than the stones of forest
paths and yet more tender than Your consort's lotus 
soft hands. AdiyEn offers my Prapatthi to those 
mysterious feet, whose greatness is not easy 
to comprehend .

(8) LakshmI mahI tadhanurUpa nijAnubhAva-
    NeeLAdhi dhivya mahishI kara pallavAnAm I
    aaruNya samkraNamatha: kila saandhrarAgou
    Sri VenaktEsa charaNou SaraNm prapadhyE II

(Meaning ): Oh Lord SrinivAsA ! MahA lakshmi , 
BhUmi Devi , NeeLA Devi and other consorts of
Yours offer their kaimkaryams to You through
the act of squeezing Your feet , when You are 
resting on Your serpent bed. Your feet appear 
to have incorporated the reddish hue of their 
lotus-red hands with Your feet during the occasion 
of their kaimkaryam to You . AdiyEn surrenders unto 
those sacred feet , which have the hue of the red
PadmarAgA gem .

(9) nithyAnamadh Vidhi SivAdhi KirIDa kODi 
    prathyuptha deeptha navarathnamaha: parOhai: I
    nIrajanAvidhim udhAramupAdhadhAnou
    Sri VenkatEsa charnou SaraNam prapadhyE II

(Meaning ): Oh Crown Jewel of Venkatam Hills ! Brahmaa 
and MahEswaran offer constant worship at Your divine feet 
through their prostrations . At that time , the lustre from 
the nine kinds of gems adorning their crowns shine on Your
feet and appear to give the impression of deepa-aarAdhanam 
to Your holy feet . AdiyEn surrenders unto those feet .
which serve as the object of worship even for
BrahmA and MahEswaran .

(10) VishNO: padhE parama ithyudhitha prasamsou 
     yauv madhva uthsa ithi bhOgyatayAapi upAtthou I
     bhUayasThaThEthi tava paaNitala prathishtou
     Sri VenkatEsa CharaNou SaraNam prapadhyE II 

(Meaning): Oh Lord VenkatEsA ! The majesty of Your
feet have been praised by the VedAs through passages
such as " VishNO: padhE paramE", and "madhva utsa" .
The residents of Vaikuntam also offer their praise 
to Your holy feet through the recitation of above
such Vedic and Upanishadic passages.Your feet indeed
are the ones that bless those  who are fortunate to
serve them  and shower innumerable gifts on them , 
both in this and the other world . You also point 
with Your right hand through the varadha mudhrA that 
Your feet are indeed the sure means for attaining 
salvation.Therefore , adiyEn offers my SaraNAgathi 
at Your sacred feet.