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Re: svAmi mudali-ANDAN (Part 3)

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Jan 09 2000 - 13:06:18 PST

Dear Sriman Sundrarajan Swamy :

What  a great good fortune it has been to 
read about and learn from the most informative
and scholarly postings that you have blessed us
with .Simply brilliant . AdiyEn will forever
be grateful for devarIr's response to adiyEn's 
request to help us recognize and salute the the far 
reaching nature of SvAmi Mudali-ANDAn's 
Kaimkaryams . 

adiyEn entered into the Melkote SatAri 
Kaimkaryam at AchArya RaamAnujA Sannidhi
without a full awareness of the parama pavithra 
charitham of SvAmi Mudali-ANDAn .The material
that you have assembled is hard to come by .
Your tracing of the AchArya Paramparai of
this VaadhUla gOthra Desikars makes me feel
very happy that by some divine prodding 
this tribute to SvAmi Mudali ANDAn SatAri 
is taking place especially after the completion of
the AchArya RaamAnujA CD ROM .

DevarIr will be pleased to know that Sri Venakata -
KrishnamAcchAr Swamy , who recently completed 
the noble gold SatAri Kaimkaryam for 
Sri Venkata KrishNa PerumAL of ThiruvallikkENi
is helping us with the creation of the Navarathna
SatAri for Svamy MUDali-ANDAn . On January 3,
when Swamy Naathamuni's nakshathram ( anusham )
was in ascendance , Sriman VenkatakrishNan and 
adiyEn's sister commissioned the Kaimkaryam with
Ummidi Jewelers of Chennai , who created 
the SatAri for Sri ParthasArathy.

AdiyEn will make sure that KandAdai AchAryaaLs 
at Melkote take the primary part in the samarpaNam 
of this SatAri with the help of Sriman Lakshmi
TatachAr Swamy of Melkote and his son Sriman
M.A. Alwar . It has  been a pleasure for adiyEn
to work with Sriman Alwar as a co-producer of 
this CD ROM on AchArya RaamAnujA .
Yesterday , adiyEn learnt that Both 
Dr. Lakshmi Tatachar Swamy and his son, 
Dr.M.A. Alwar took part in the Sanskrit 
movie produced by Sri G.V.Iyer on
the life of AchArya RaamAnujA as 
the elder and younger RaamAnujA .
Mysterious indeed are the ways of
our NamperumAL and Udayavar to bring us
all together and initiate these Kaimkaryams 
and have Bhagavatha Sathsangam .

AdiyEn's deep salutations  for DevarIr 's
most welcome and timely postings on 
the self-effacing SvAmi MuDali-ANDAn  
to remind us about the great debt of
gratitude that every Sri VaishNavA 
owes to Him in AchArya RaamAnuja santhathi.

DaasOham ,
Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SadagOpan   

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