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Re: Topic For Discussion

From: ashwin sadhu (
Date: Sat Jan 08 2000 - 13:58:10 PST

Dear Bhagavatas/Raman Kannan,
Namo Narayana.
Let me clear a misunderstanding before proceeding to the issue at hand.  My
allegiance lies with Sri. Vedanta Desika  and Vis'istAdvaita.  It is not a
dogmatic allegiance
but one based on a rational conviction.
(Those members of the list who know me well know this.)  I resorted to
quoting an Advaita Yogi on Dharma Shastras only because there is not much
difference of opinion on this matter.

I appreciate Sri. Raman's input; he is entitled to his opinion; however I do
not agree with him.   Adviata and Vis'istAdvaita are mutually exclusive
explanations of the nature of reality.    I also do not prescribe the notion
taking the good from all (i.e. eclecticism.)
(In my opinion eclecticism is worse than nihilism.)

I am not going into details (for details please view archives:posts on
equating mutually exclusive explanations of reality and posts on
classification of reals.)

It seems no one wants to answer the questions; the few individuals that
have responded have walked around the questions, rather than answering them

ramanuja dasan,