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Sri vaibhavam

From: Srimahavishnu Vinjamuri (
Date: Fri Jan 07 2000 - 07:01:31 PST

---Dear Bhagavatas,


first three qualities of Piratti viz. ananya bhogyatvam, ananya seshatvam and ananya
saranatvam are also called AkAra trayam as they describe Her nature of being eternally subservient to

The first quality, ananyArha bhOgyatvam, means that pirAtti is bhOgyam only for PerumAL.
as discussed in earlier posting, She is a caring mother for all other jeevas.
This guNa is made crystal-clear to the world inlcuding non-believers such as rAvaNa,
 in Her incarnations as sItA and rukmiNI.

 It is not right on the part of Hindus or vaidikas to place Her image on the side
 of a demi-god or goddess. We always wish that our parents be united. whenever a guest
 comes to our house, we offer him/her a proper place to sit. It is much more important
 to offer a right place to piratti i.e. near Perumal in our poojaa mandir.
  intentionally worshipping Her with a demi-god is a very serious apachAram.
  All such prayers not only go futile but also yield very bad results.

 Now, coming to ananyArha SEshatvam, this term means that piratti is subservient to PerumAl alone.
 For thsi also, many examples can be quoted from purANas and rAmAyaNa.

 ananya SaraNatvam means PerumAL alone is Her refuge.

 emberumAnAr, as recorded by ananthALwAn, says that Piratti, garudan, SrI pAnchajanyam and sudarSanam are exclusively
 meant for serving perumAl. Hence Lord of thiruvengadam is none other than
 naaraayana, as He is hailed as sriyahpati and sankha chakra dhAri in puraanas.
 Sri raamanuja  quotes from vAmana purANa, 22nd chapter, wherein Sankara meditates on Lord
 KrishNa after the Latter's discus burns His kshetra i.e. vArANasI into ashes.
 Lord Krishna tells Sivan that laskhmI, sankha chakras, kaustubha, SrI SArngam and garudan are eternally meant for His sevice  alone and nobody else can be a refuge for them. This stands as a pramANam for all the three qualities of thAyAr.

 in AlawandAr stOtra, hailed as kutti bhAhsyam, as it is considered to be a prelude
 to Sribhashyam, SrI AlawndAr says "sadA tavaivOchitayA tava SriyA" in the
 sloka "svavaisva roopyena..". This sloka says that though Perumal is enjoying Her with
 His visva roopam, each and every moment in Her association is surprising
 and novel for Him (They are eternally associated with each other!). In this slokja
 "sadA tava Eva uchitayA tava SriyA" means "Your SrI is eternally suited for You alone".
 SrI VaiyAkaraNa rAmAnuja Iyengar ( a great srivaishnava scholar in the beginning of 20th century) translates this as Her being eternally subsevient to the
 ISwara i.e. ananyArha SEsha bhUtA.

the "tulya SIla vayO vruttAm" sloka of rAmAyaNa also says that the divya dampati
are made for each other.

let us now see what vishnu puraana says on this.

Though piratti is eternal, She incarnates  alongwith perumAL to assist
the Master of the universe. this is said in the following verse:

Evam yadA jagatsvAmI dEva dEvO janArdanah
avatAram karOtyEshA tadA SrIh tatsahAyinI.

That is why She incarnated first as the daughter of Bhrugu and khyAti and then as
in TRhirupparkadal. and also as sItA and rukmiNI in vibhava avatarams.
let us enjoy the following Vishnu purana slokas:

BhrugOh khyAtyAm samutpannAh SrIh poorvamudadhEh punah
dEva dAnava yatnEna prasUtAmruta manthanE

rAghavatvE bhavatseetaa rukmiNee krishnNa janmani
anyeshuchAvatArEshu vishNOrEshAnapAyinI

Indra says in vishnu purANa:

tvam mAtA sarva lOkAnAm dEva dEvO harih pitA
tvayaidadvishNunAchAmba! jagadvyaaptam charaacharam

which means

"You are the mother of all worlds, Lord hari being the father.The entire universe is pervaded by You and Lord Hari."

 Let us conclude this mail with the following prayer offered by indran to our lotus-eyed mother

"namsatE sarvabhUtAnAm jananIm abja sambhavAm
Sriyam unnidra padmAkshIm vishNu vakshassthla sthitAm"

                  (to be continued)


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