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Srirangam Home Pages released today at Srirnagam

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Jan 07 2000 - 06:08:42 PST

Dear Sri RanganAtha BhakthAs:

At this Brahma MuhUrtham , it was a BhAgyam to have
the darsanam of Sri RanganAthan in His garbha graham 
with the background of the PraNavAkruthi VimAnam and 
Lord Para VaasudEvan. Had ParAsara Bhattar lived 
during this internet age , he would have had some
satisfaction at the darsanam of NamperumAL from
his exiled seat at ThirukkOshtiyUr .

This is just the beginning of the effort
to present Sri RanganathA to us ( who are 
away from His Sannidhi by the DEvasthAnam .
I am sure with time these pages will grow.
I have invited the attention of the Executive
officer to some excellent home pages constructed
for Ahobilam , Oppiliappan Koil , ThiruvahIndrapuram ,
Sri Ranganatha Temple at Pomona ,Srimathi Sheela
Belur's SriranganathA Home Pages .I have also 
briefed the Executive Officer on the recently
concluded First Thiruadyayana Uthsavam 
at the one and only temple for Sri RanganAthA
in USA . 

I invite you to visit the Srirangam Home pagfe
coming directly from Srirangam and receive 
the benedictions of the Dhivya Dampathis of
Srirangam : 

Daasan , Sadagopan