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thiru adhyayana sEvai - At newyork - A Summary (part6)

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Thu Jan 06 2000 - 17:35:01 PST

Srimadh Azhagiya Singar thiruvadikaLE charaNam
Sri RanganAyikA samEtha Sri Rangarajan thiruvadikaLE charaNam

Dear bAgawathAs,

The first pAsuram of Sri Adhi vAn satakOpan  adaikkalappatthu  is

Athi maRai uruvAn a AdhippuL veRpathanil
sOthi yena ulagam ellAm  sugam peRavE vanthu uthittha
Adhi guru narasingan aruLaLE yOgiyAna
Adhi vaN seer satakOpan  adi yinai en mudi maNiyE!

It was a loud "simha kOsham" when the entire gOshti really  roared
"Adhi guru narasingan aruLaLE yOgiyAna" and all these 11 pasurams.
Thanks once again to Sri Poondi for providing the lead voice. This
also served as a  fore-runner  for  gOshti as to how they can chant
during the nammAzhwAr mOksham the next day.

All the "seer" was presented to Sri namperumAL. Sri Venkat received
them on behalf of the Lord and did "bathil mariyAdhai"  to the muth
and the shishyAs.  Sri  Sannithi  shishyAs  have  celebrated  Swami
desikan, other AchAryas and AdivAnsatakOpan in the past in USA. But
this is the first proud moment for all of us to have celebrated Sri
AdivansatakOpan  in  this unique ursavam that symbolise the arrival
of all our AchAryAs. It should be noted that 1 and a half feet tall
standing posture Sri Adivan  satakopan with the malOlan was present
himself for this ursavam. Sri Venkat did a "bathil mariyAdhai seer"
for Sri Adivan satakOpan and the shishyALS of Sri Mutt on behalf of
Sri Ranganatha. The puRappAdu ended there. The gOshti resumed after

The gOshti was also very touching and musical when the pathigam of
"ArA amuthE" was sung.  Tears  rolled  down  the  eyes of many Sri
amudhan bhakthAls during this pathigam.  After  this,  during  the
"nalguravum" pathigam on Sri Oppiliappan, the  chanting was paused
after the pAsuram "ennappan....".  Symbolising  "thanthanan  thana
thAL nizhalE" ie Sri Oppiliappan provided the thAL nizhal for  Sri
nammAzwAr as  revealed  by  Sri nammAzwAr HIMself, was celebrated.
Everyone in the gOshti were adorned with  sadari.  The gOshti then
resumed and  proceeded  until  "kangulum paglum"  pathigam on  Sri
Ranga nAtha and was stopped for the  day.  The  voice was  like  a
thunder when everyone  was singing this pathigam and performed the
sARRumuRai as well with the last 2 pasurams of this pathigam. The
attendance in the night session was around 150.

will continue .....

Srimadh Azhagiya Singar thiruvadikaLE charaNam
Sri RanganAyikA samEtha Sri Rangarajan thiruvadikaLE charaNam
thiru kudanthai Rengarajan


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