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Re:Official rebukes directed at Sri. Sampath Kumar

From: sampath kumar (
Date: Thu Jan 06 2000 - 11:29:12 PST

--- wrote:
> Dear Bhagavatas
> Dear Sri Sampthkumar, Please carry on, but remember>
the rider mentioned above.
> Dasoham
> Anbil Ramaswamy
Dear and respected Sriman. Anbil Ramaswamy,

Adiyen must first express his apologies to all
concerned for the agitation that seems to have been
caused amongst "bhAgavatA-s". 

Adiyen is also sorry that revered Sri.Anbil swamy has
had to suffer some embarrassment. Adiyen's actions may
be called to question but never Sriman Anbil's who had
merely shared a random thought privately with adiyen.
He and I both indulge in cyber-conversations
occasionally. Adiyen's indiscretions are adiyen's
alone and no part of them should ever be even slightly
deflected towards either the person or the high
stature of blameless Sriman Anbil.

As far as adiyen's views on tiruppAvai are concerned
let me please clarify:

(1) adiyen has not and never ever even once written
anything that is even remotely disrespectful of the
great "purvAchAryA-s" like Sri.PVPillai or anyone
else. Adiyen's concience is clear on this and if
adiyen is untruthful about this, let our "perumAl" sri
tiruvengadamudaiyAn Himself take adiyen to task for

(2) adiyen has not written anything disrespectful of
any member on the bhakti-list; adiyen perhaps may have
reacted a shade sharply to some comments which adiyen
thought were irrelevant to the context of on-going
discussions on the tiruppAvai; sharp perhaps, but
never disrespectful;

(3) adiyen is no tiruppAvai scholar in the traditional
mould; this was made loud and clear right at the
beginning itself; and adiyen even openly begged
members not to start comparing adiyen's "siru"
attempts at appreciating the tiruppAvai with the great
commentators of old and present times;

(4) adiyen was simply sharing some thoughts on the
poetry of tiruppAvai with the lay and less erudite
members of the bhakti-list ("arivonrum-iilAda-
aaykulam..."). So adiyen did keep a tight leash on his
own personal interpretations and shared only those he
thought were more or less in line with strict and
orthodox SriVaishnava catechism. Here and there adiyen
did add a sprinkling of personal ("colourful", it was
called!) observations but that was only for the sake
of good, harmless humour;

Now, if adiyen must apologise for all that has been
stated above and if that will please all members of
the bhakti-list if I do so, then adiyen has no
hesitation to do so rightaway and submit hereby his
"sAshtAnga- danda-samarpaNams" to one and all! That is
the "srivaishnava" dharma and adiyen will abide by it


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