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Thank You Mr. Sampath Kumaran. Please do not stop

From: Raman Kannan (
Date: Thu Jan 06 2000 - 01:36:41 PST

posting because of the flames you receive.

I for one has enjoyed reading your commentaries.
I have benefitted immensely. 

Nothing that you have said offends me anyway.
It helped me to see a different light.

Flames emanate from all of us when we forget
"PrajApatischarati garbhe anta:"

Flames are not necessary to reflect an alternate
view point or even correct a misspoken word.

Besides, if only the great YatiRaja or one of
His followers yielded to flames and "eye gouges"
today we would not have this wealth.

Modern interpretation is lacking in our traditions.
The literature that is written is written today
for yester-years. There are no readers who can 
assimilate them today. We want modern expositions
which does not avoid topics or ambiguities because
they are on a certain subject matter.
That is why children do not take to it. You 
are filling this void. Some mistakes will be made.
But I am willing to live with some mistakes
then void. 

The big question is what will be our tradition
in 300 years from now. 2000 years from now.
What can we do today so we can preserve this
light for others who might seek it in those
times. Based on your explanations I am able
to explain to my kids that there are several
interpretations and one should not make haste
in their conclusions. 

Thank you again and continue to post for