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Periya Thirumozhi 7.4- "thEn ooRi yeppozhudhum thitthikkummaRE!"

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Wed Jan 05 2000 - 20:50:28 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

BhAgawathas are the life breath of Bhagawaan. Here is this ten, 
ThirumangaiAzhwAr declares that BhAgawathAs, who enjoy and immerse 
themselves in kalyANa guNAs of Emperumaan are his chiefs- his masters.

1. The BhAghawathAs- who praise Emperumaan as “Oh Chief of Nithyasooris! Oh 
baby –infant Kutti KaNNan! - sucking the breast milk along with the life of 
Poothanai and made her fall flat and dead.. on the ground with red fiery 
eyes wide open, and blood flooding the whole area.. !” These Bhagawathas pay 
their obeisance to ThirucchERai Emperumaan – where the tall beautiful 
buildings tear open the belly of the cool moon. Look at these BhAgawathAs 
walking , placing their Thiruvadis on my head! (means: I am ready to have 
their Feet on my head.. they are my masters.)

2. Emperumaan – the One who threw the calf as a stick to a viLAmpazha tree 
(for getting the fruits dropped down) and killed the asuran; who has in huge 
mountain like Divine Chest, the most beautiful, most compassionate, large 
eyed, Periya PiraaTTi, born of red lotus flower. This Emperumaan stays 
permanently at ThirucchERai, where the cool fragrant gardens (appear to) 
touch the sky even. Those devotees who pay their obeisance to Emperumaan’s 
Feet at this sthalam are staying in adiyEn’s heart always.

3.  BhAgawathAs assemble together and praise Him as “Oh RamA! The One having 
the resplendent hands that cut the creeper like nose and the ear of rAkshasi 
SoorpaNakA, (who has the shining sharp teeth and has the cruel, fearsome 
form that makes those who see her run away shivering..)” . They pay their 
obeisance to ThirucchERai Emperumaan’s Lotus Feet by offering and theertham 
(pure water) and flowers and partake them. These puNyAthmAs- BhAgawathAs are 
greater than even Nithyasooris.

4. BhAgawathAs, praise Emperumaan as “RamA! The One who sent the arrows from 
His divine Bow so victoriously to the strong  rAvaNan of lankA!” They come 
to ThirucchERai Divya Desam and pay their respects and obeisacne to 
Emperumaan at this sthalam, (who rules both worlds from here, who has huge 
mountain like Chest, that adorns the thuLasi maalai), by uttering his Divine 
name daily.. I will never be able to separate myself from these greatest 
BhAgawathAs even for a fraction of a second. (“pErALan pEr Odhum periyaarai 
orukaalum pirigilEnE..”)

5. BhAgawathAs, who assertively declrae saying “I am not andd wwill never 
belong and associate myself to those Jains, who are dirty (in their bodies 
thinking that purifying will kill germs), and Buddhists (who talk and argue 
against Vedas), - I am the property and belong to Emperumaan, who appeared 
as the unparalleled unique Naraisimham, and tore HiraNyan, the strong one, - 
my PerumAL who is the cause and creator of the Universe.. “, - come to 
ThirucchERai Divya Desam and mediate daily the Lotus Feet of This Emperumaan 
of ThirucchERai. My heart soaks as honey on the graetness of these 
BhAgawathAs.. and it (thinking of them) is so sweet for me. (“Emperumaan 
thaaLai naaLum sindhippaarkku ennuLLam thEn ooRi yeppozhudhum 

6. “Oh Huge Vaarahamoorthy, the One who brought back the Earth from the 
“troubled waters”! “ I address Emperumaan like this and say “I am Your 
eternal servant; Your Lotus Feet alone is our Rakshakam; There is nothing 
else, that can protect me” … BhAgawathAs- who enjoy the Divine Beauty of 
ThirucchERai Emperumaan – are so pleasing to adiyEn’s eyes. Look at my heart 
andd my eyes beaming with joy! (“kaaNeer! En nenjum kaNNiNaiyum 

7. adiyEn address daily Emperumaan “Oh Lord! the One who reclines on 
ThiruvanathAzhwAn on the ThiruppARkadal! Oh Most wonderful, Blue Hued, most 
compassionate EmperumaanE! “- I am blessed with the theought of ThirucchERai 
Emperumaan. He has enslaved me and ruled me completely my five senses and my 
jnAnEndriyAs. My heart longs and is in love with those BhAgawathAsd, who 
have become the servants of this Emperumaan.

8. Emperumaan of ThirucchERai- who is worshipped even by the Nithya sooris 
of Paramapadham, who has tender sweet Lotus Feet, which is so easily 
accessible for the whole world; - is enjoyed by looking at Him and anjali 
with their both hands whole-heartedely with full Anandham by BhAgawathAs. 
Just a mere thought (in reverence) of these BhAgawathAs, - will have Yaman 
stay away from us; He will not torture us; Our paapams (sins) will never 
come near us. (“kaNNaarak kaNdu urugik kaiyaarath thozhuvaaraik 

9. Look at my mind getting completely lost, melting and haunted by immersing 
itself with thoughts on BhAgawathAs- who mediate on the Lotus Feet of the 
most beautiful, most fertile ThirucchERai Emperumaan daily.. How did I get 
this blessing? I, who consider adiyEn’s athmA (jIvAthmA) as mine- I am the 
thief, who has stolen His property; I am the most cruel person (for having 
known this and still not returend this AthmA that belongs to Him); Hence, I 
am fully trapped in the worst samsaaric ocean (full of sorrows) always- 
still, am I blessed with this great thought of these BhAgawathAs? (How 

10. This ten is on Emperumaan of ThirucchERai. It is sung by Kaliyan. Oh 
BhakthAs (who sing these songs of Emperumaan!). Pay obeisance to this 
pristinely purest Emperumaan with your anjali with folded His 
Divine golden Lotus Feet!

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam


Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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