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From: Ramanujam A.P (
Date: Wed Jan 05 2000 - 18:36:30 PST

Respected BhagaWathas

     In our sampRathAyam JIva KaRunyam plays an important role. Regard
to this I have few issues

1. Using of Pattu(Silk) : If Silk is used excllusively for PeRumaL's
Alankaram then it is perfect. But most of us use it to show our own
wealth(AhamKaram) and for our own Sandhosham. 

2. Using of Leather Shoes and Jackets which contain the Animal skin (and
they are killed specifically for that purpose)

3. Using of medicines that contain Animal Extracts(Extracts from Liver
of Goat,Cod etc) for own welfare.

   I request learned members to throw me light on these issues which are
papams(sins) with respect to JIva KaRunyam.

with humble Namaskarms