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Official rebukes directed at Sri. Sampath Kumar

From: Venkat Nagarajan (
Date: Wed Jan 05 2000 - 13:21:28 PST

Dear Bhagavatas
Namo Narayana:

I am writing in response to the recent flurry of official rebukes  
directed at Sri. Sampath Kumar.  

I have the following Question for the issuers of these rebukes:

1. Hvae any of you posted material that is speculative in nature?  I would
advice each of you to search the archives long and hard before
answering this question (there are postings in the archives authored by
the rebuke issuers questioning the authenticity of episodes in puranas
and ithihasas and the relevance of varnAshrama dharma.)

Truth is immutable.  One may feel the need to defend truth; however, in
defending truth one should focus rebuttals on the ideas opposed to truth
and not on the individuals expressing these ideas.

ramanuja dasan,