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Re: Relating to Non-Vedic Religions - What is our stand ?
Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 23:06:32 PST

Dear Vishal

THanks for that list.

Here is the ISKCON list of interreligious books:

Steven Rosen (Satyaraja)
+ East West Dialogues (Christianity related)
+Om Shalom (Jewish related)
+Diet for Transcendence (Vegetarianism and the World religions)
+Reincarnation and the World religions
+"You Mean That's in the Bible?"

Christ and Krishna (Bhaktipada)

Airavata dasa (previosuly Muslim)
+Bhakti yoga and Islam
+The Treasures of Al Quran
+Srila Prabhupada on Islam

These are available at Krishna Culture in Houston (they have a 1-800 number). 
They are makeing a website at but these books arent there 

Gerald Surya