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Re: "pancha-sayanattin male-Eri"

From: sampath kumar (
Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 22:20:57 PST

--- Sridhar Srinivasan <> wrote:
>> I am surprised that (Sri.Sampathkumar's)perusal of
vyAkhyAnams and
> commentaries of > pundits and Acharyas (that he
constantly reference)
> did not unearth 
> the reasoning for the application of 'methenra'.  In
> fact, swami 
> periyavAchchAn piLLai, whose vyAkhyAnam you detailed
> in a rather 
> colorful manner yesterday, does mention the
> application of 
> reinforced mardavatvam in kuthuviLakkeriya..
> vyAkhyAnam.
> In the swApadeShartham (the inner meaning) provided
> by Suddhasatvam 
> doDDAchAr (of the suthaprakAshika fame) about
> panchasayanathin 
> refering to artha panchaka gnyAnam, there is a
> preceding reference 
> to "methenra" as follows:
> sEshatvAdi kartrutvarAhityathAlE mrudhuvAna 
> arthapanchakagnyAnam - 
> shuddha sattva mayama irukkaradhu 
> meaning, the reinforced mardavatvam refers to - the
> recognition of 
> ananyArha sEshatvam, ananya sharaNatvam et al, as
> well as avoidance 
> of kartrutva buddhi - as qualities that provide the
> underpinning for 
> arthapanchaka gnyAnam -  these qualities that
> provide the additional 
> pakkvam (softness, if you will) to lead to a state
> of essential 
> sattvam - hence methenra pancha sayanam.

Dear Sri.Sridhar swamin,

Thank you for enlightening me on the above. Adiyen did
not know about it earlier. Forgive adiyen his
ignorance as he is not well-versed in Sri.PVP's
"vyAkhyAna" which evidently 'devarir' is. It is really
very nice of you to have taken the trouble to point
out the relevant portions from PVP's grantham. Adiyen
learnt something new today, thanks to you and the
bhakti-list. Very grateful, Sir.

> There is hardly a need for us to exercise our
> limited (I speak for > yours truly and others of my
ilk here) capabilities> to come up with >
'speculative'  and often questionable>
interpretations.  We just have 
> to make the effort to seek guidance from the wealth
> of material that > is already available.  And our
Acharya paramparai is> kindness > epitomized - as
AnDAL celebrates in 'ninaithu mulai> vazhiyE ninRu pAl

> sOra' and "mARRadhE pAl soriyum vALLal perum
> pasukkaL' - they have > given us all that we need
and more.  We just have to> make the effort > to not
turn away from their grace.

Thank you, in addition, for the above sermon (or
"gratuitous advice"?) too you have given.


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