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Re: "pancha-sayanattin male-Eri"

From: sampath kumar (
Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 09:54:40 PST

--- wrote:
> Dear Sri Sampathkumar
> A bhagavata has asked why when "panchasayanam'
> included 'softness', Andal > uses an apparently
redundant expression "methenra".> Can you throw some
light > on this?
> Dasoham
> Anbil Ramaswamy

Dear Anbil Swamin,

Really very good question! And adiyen confesses he has
no weighty answer.

But adiyen would venture to speculate that Andal felt
the need to introduce a redundant adjective like
"metthenra" because perhaps even in those days
mattresses came in different grades of quality! In the
present day, for example, you may be familiar with
housewives exclaiming "thickku "pAl"'... meaning that
milk is thick. Real milk is always thick (unless the
cow is diseased or "mad" or both!) and ordinarily, it
would be redundant to qualify it with the adjective
"thickku" that housewives are always so fond of

Nevertheless, Sir, if 'devarir' has any further light
to throw on this matter adiyen would be delighted to
know. Our enjoyment of "tiruppAvai" will be only
enhanced by these little poetic tid-bits!

Since yours is a very,very interesting question adiyen
is also taking the liberty to post it on the list to
see if anyone else can come up with some interesting

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