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Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 02:45:27 PST

Dear Sri vaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

Why I started with "mal aaNda thiN thOL" for offering my comments, is in
line with the anvayam of the paasuram 1 as given by Sri Periyavaachchaan
Pillai, which is "mallaaNda thiNdOL maNivaNNaa, PallaaNdu pallaaNdu
pallaayiraththaaNdu pala kOdi nooraayiram un sEvadi sevvith thirukkaappu".

To continue on "mallaaNda thiNdOL" 

8. aaNdaaL says "senrangu thennilangai seRRaai thiral pORRi" 24- oh
krishnaa, in your previous avathaaram of Sri raama, you went to lankaa in
the south and conquered the king of lankaa with your thiral- valimai-
exhibited the power of your shoulders in sending arrows that killed
raavaNaa- salutations to that thiral- the power of your shoulders.

9. Single handedly Lord Raama conquered the 14000 raakshasaas in the
aaraNyam with his kothandam only- this message was carried to raavaNa by his
sister- when she described raamaa's valour, the thOl valimai was also
described. Such thiN thOL.

10. Swami periyavaachchaan piLLai gives a meaning "midukku" for "mal"- in
samskrit can we consider this as ghaamBheeryam?- in English majesty or
grace.  The shoulders of raama is said to have the ghaambheeryam and have a
beauty of their own. "sukumaara kumbha gambeeram"-Swami desikan says in his
raghuveera gadhyam.

11. "ichchaa mohi mahaa baahum raghuveeram mahaabalam gajEna
mahathaayaantham raamam chathra vruthaananam" - this slokam is used daily
during thiru aaraadhanam-The shoulders are described as "mahaa baahu" in
this slokam- which is thiN thOL in tamil.

Like this the list can be extended. Now let us take the next word. "maNi
vaNNaa"- the Lord naaraayaNan is addressed by this name "maNi vaNNaa". 

1.	He is having the kousthubha mani in his chest. That maNi is giving
bright shine all around. So the person who is adorned with this kousthubha
maNi is maNi vaNNan.

2.	Another maNi is also there in his chest- the sthree rathnam- periya
piraatti- agalagillEn enru- due to her swarna maya kaanthi (brightness of
gold) he also shines with his blue colour- who adds brightness and colour to
whom is a point for a lengthy discussion- so he is maNi vaNNan.

3.	In krishna avathaaram he fought for syamanthaga mani and had it. He
only donated it to King sathraajith and however it came back to the Lord. So
one who adorned with the syamanthaga mani is maNi vaNNan.

4.	Sri vishnu sahasranaamam dhyaana slokam is- "ksheerOdhanvath pradEsE
suchi maNi vilasath saikathEr moukthikhaanam maalaa kluptha sanastha
spatikha mani nibhair moukthikhair maNdithaanga:". 
	In the milk ocean the Lord is adorned with pearls and other rathnams
which are better than the spatika maNi - colourless spatika maNi- such a
person is maNi vaNNan. Who is that rathnam - paarkadalil paLLi koLLUm
paraman sriman naaraayaNan- so he is that maNi- blue coloured lord in white
coloured ksheerabhdhi- a beauty even to imagine of the colour contrasts- he
is also adorned with the pearls and others -spatika maNi- colourless
rathnams- which reflects the shine of the pearls he is wearing and his own
plus the swarna kaanthi of his consort in his chest- now which colour is
more bright- each clouding the other or all at a time bright and shining- so
is there any wonder calling maNivaNNan -so for one who thinks of him of
having a particular colour, he appears he is of that colour. 

5.	In thiruppaavai also aandaaL addresses "maalE maNi vaNNaa in 26th
paasuram- 2+6=8. 26th reminds ashtaaksharam -so there is no wonder aandaaL
in her 26th paasuram starts with maalE- thirumaalE- oh Sriman naaraayaNa! Oh

6.	In 1-2-17 seethakkadal group of paasuram "paruvam nirambaamE
paarellaam uyya thiruvin vadivokkum dhEvaki peRRa uruvu kariya OLi maNi
vaNNan" says periyaazhvaar.
	uruvu- body 
	kariya- black in colour
	oLi- bright light
	maNivaNNan- the person called maNivaNNan- or one who has the colour
and brightness of the mani- nava rathnam- special stones.
	Black in colour but bright- kariya oLi- oh- what a contrast in
statement- or it appears to be contrast- is black itself bright or the
rathnams adorned by the black pearl give the brightness to black coloured
lord- for the lord anything is a special and specials for us are ordinary
for him. So uruvu kariyathu aanaal oLi migunthathu.

7.	thuRRi Ezhulagu uNda thoomaNivaNNan- 4-4-2 of thiruvaaimozhi- so
every aazhvaar is fascinated by this two words- so no wonder peryaazhvaar
places this thirunaamam of maNi vaNNan in the first paasuram itself.

Rest we will see in next post
Dasan Vasudevan M.G.