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Periya Thirumozhi 7.3- "kaNNanukku anRi en manam thaazhndhu nillaadhE.."

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 19:03:38 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

AzhwAr in the last ten said “naanE yeydhap peRREn”. Means: I myself (was 
blessed to have) got Him”.. How? Here in this ten, he explains how.

1. The Lord, Emperumaan, who shows Himself so gracefully at ThirunaRaiyoor, 
the incomprehensible Lord even by the clear minded thapasvis- jnAnis; the 
One who aimed the arrow through seven staggered trees, as Rama; the One who 
always thinks good of His devotees; the One who is thought of by the 
scholars and Bhagawathas and praising Him as “the One who has the Divine 
Bow, angered on the asurAs and fought and killed them with fiery eyes!”- 
such greatest Emperumaan is contemplated and enjoyed in adiyEn’s mind 
always. Today- I am blessed to have seen Him and enjoyed His divine Beauty 
with both of my eyes. When my eyes drank Him and enjoyed, I too enjoyed. 
(AzhwAr says: “kaNNiNaigaL kaLippak kaLitthEnE”..- adadaa! )

2. This Emperumaan- the One who had swallowed the whole universe and brought 
it out through His mouth once; the One who is the bhandhu (not due to the 
birth, even before), naturally; Parama kruppaLu, the Most merciful 
dayAkaran, Sarvagnan, but still thinking of this illiterate, ajjnAni, to 
save adiyEn, by blessing me to think of Him at all times; to me, this lowly 
self, considering me, as worthy of an object, and gracefully helping me as 
Parama upakaarakan, like the Cow thinks of its calf- This Emperumaan has 
beautiful makara kuNdalams (studs) in His ears; Ever Youthful looking Lord; 
The Cowherd Boy, who had showed Himself (in the veranda) at “idai kazhi” of 
ThirukkOviloor to the three AzhwArs; the One who is like a Lion appearing in 
the midst of Nithya sooris; the One who is most affectionate and kind 
towards me; - Such Greatest Most Merciful Emperumaan- I will NOT look for 

3.  The Lord, who first, in order to make me His possession, blessed me and 
entered into my heart; and resided; He does not stay at anyone else’s heart 
as a place of residence now; He has come on his own to bless me the eternal 
kaimkaryam at His Feet, (which alone has been my longing desire in my mind) 
and will not let me be trapped by yama dhUthAs; I am even blessed (by Him) 
to have this thought of Him at this moment. – Such Greatest Emperumaan of 
the most beautiful fertile Thirukkudanthai- the Most wonderful Swami- My 
Father- My Father’s Father- My Kula nAthan- My upakaarakan- (most helpful 
One);- How can adiyEn ever forget Him and under what pretext? (Tell me-) 
(“enthaiyai, enthai thandhai thammaanai- empiraanai yetthaal maRakkEnE?”)

4. The Most merciful Emperumaan- KaNNan, who drove the chariot for the five 
pandavas, and enabled them to kill DuryOdhanaadhis in the battle; the Parama 
upakaarakan to adiyEn too; the ruler of Srirangam; My Master; the Chief of 
Parama padham and Nithyars (arangamaaLi; ennaaLi; viNNaaLi); the One who 
aimed arrows and made lankA tremble by walking towards it; the cool red 
lotus eyed most beautiful Emperumaan- BUT for Him, to none else (no idhara 
or anya devatha), my mind will not fall for and melt.. (“thaN thaamaraik 
kaNNanukku anRi en manam thaazhndhu nillaadhE..”)

5. The One who appears then and there, whenever the cruel hell like sorrows 
come to torment me, and consoles me “Don’t fear” (anjEl”- maa sucha;); My 
Swami; the One, who has the red lotus Feet; the adorning jewel, in the group 
of Nithya sooris; the Lion of ThiruvEmkatam; the Lord who tore the horse 
(kesi asuran); the cowherd Boy KaNNan, caught for eating stolen butter, who 
stooped Himself as simple (sowlabhyam) that He was tied to mortar, with 
quivering lips, and tears welled in the eyes; (“yetthiRam uralinOdu 
iNaindhiRandhu yEngiya yeLivE!”); He is the Honey; the Sweet Milk; - But for 
that sweetest Lord- my mind will not think of anyone else.

6. At all times, He stand in my mind and does not leave me even for a 
fraction of a second from me; He is so great; The One who shows Himself so 
gracefully in the fertile most beautiful Thirumaaliruncholai; the One who is 
like the sweet juice of sugarcane like kaRkaNdu; the One who appeared as 
KaNNan and learn keenly all four Vedas at the feet of a sadAchAryan; the 
greatest Lord who reclined on the milk Ocean; - In spite of all His scuh 
Greats, He is still so simple and accessible for adiyEn (what a sowlabhyam!) 
– But for Him, I will never ever sing on anyone else; (“en paNbhanai anRip 
paadal seyyEnE”)

7. The One who is so sweet to me, like the divine music that comes out of 
Veena, while played on the strings; the One who made adiyEn’s eyes, mind and 
the speech as His residence; the One whose residence is also the Vedic 
Brahmins’ minds; the Swami of Nithya sooris; my Master; - the One who is the 
blue hued dark ocean colour; MaNi vaNNan; - But for this divine beautiful 
blue hued colour of the Lord, my mouth will not talk of any thing else.

8. After being blessed to be the recipient of Emperumaan’s grace in this 
birth itself, what kind of paapam (sin) can dare approach me? The One who 
removes all sorrows and sins that completely distort the jIvAthmA and grants 
only pleasures to the AthmA; the unparalleled One; the only means for the 
world to Hold onto Him; the One who thinks of doing upakaaram and good to 
the world at all times; the One who is praised and worshipped by Nithya 
sooris; the ripened sweet fruit for the enjoyment of mumukshus; then, the 
One who desired to love me, and like a thief, without my knowledge entered 
into me, to capture my heart. – Now I (am blessed to) have seen Him..

9. (What a line!) “en seygEn adiyEn? uraiyeer idhaRkkenRu “ The Emperumaan, 
who so gracefully, mercifully, stays in my heart permanently, and for this 
upakaaram (help), what can adiyEn (this servant of His) do to pay back! Tell 
me.. the Lord of ThanjaimaamaNikkOil; the One who tore open the chest of 
hiraNyan; the lustrous shining One who is like a fire, so inaccessible; the 
One who built the bridge on the deep ocean to let the strong rAvaNan’s lankA 
be destroyed completely; the One who is worshipped by Devas, and is like 
Huge Beautiful mountain; the One who has the divine form like a cool, blue 
hued mountain; - my mind will never ever greet anyone else.. BUT FOR this 
greatest, most Beautiful Emperumaan.

10. This ten on Emperumaan of ThirunaRaiyoor, is sung by Kaliyan, the one 
who has sharp spear in his hand, the chief of Thirumangai; Emperumaan’s 
lotus Feet is so cool, and pleasing to look at enjoy for the eyes. This ten 
is sung for the devotees who pay their obeisance; dance, sing, prostrate at 
such Lotus Feet of Emperumaan, and oh Bhagawathas, who read (sing) these 
ten! The paavams (sins) will never ever stay with you!

Thirumangai AzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam


Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan
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