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nAcciyAr tirumozhi XI - tAm ugakkaikkum 1-10

From: Kalyani Krishnamachari (
Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 18:08:27 PST

      SrI ANDAL samEta SrI rangamannAr tiruvaDigaLE

General Introduction to nAcciyAr tirumozhi XI  - tAm

ANDAL tried to wait patiently under her father’s
SaraNAgati, thinking that kaNNan will come to her that
way. Time passes; no sign of kaNNan and her longing
for Him increases; she becomes depressed and suffers
from sickness of separation from Him. She has been
hurt by everything around her which uninterruptedly
reminded her of emperumAn, like bhIshmA who had been
hurt by arjuna’s arrows and was lying in the bed of
arrows awaiting death.  All the mothers in the
neighboring households and her friends throng around
her to find out exactly what is bothering her. She
tells them about the pitiful plight her emperumAN has
left her in.  It is the same emperumAn who spent
sleepless nights and starved without taking food when
He had been separated from sItA pirATTi, and the same
emperumAn who rescued rukmiNi from SiSupAlan.  She
declares to them that she firmly believes that He will
not let her down, and she will still patiently wait
for Him and will hold on to her life, because He had
unfailingly helped others like her before.

Meanings from SrImAn SaDagOpan's tamizh treatise:

pASuram 11.1(eleventh tirumozhi - pAsuram 1 tAm

tAm ugakkum tam kaiyil Sa’ngamE pOlAvO
 yAm ugakkum em kaiyil Sa’ngamum EndizhaiyIr
tI mugattu nAgaNai mEl SErum tiru ara’ngar
 A! mugattai nOkkArAl ammanE ammanE

“Oh my friends, who are adorned with jewelry! Aren’t
the bangles that I used to wear in my hands as
important to me as the Sa’nkham is for emperumAN that 
He is wearing in His hand? Then, why is it that He
takes away my bangles  (i.e., I keep pining for Him
and my hands are becoming thinner and thinner, and the
bangles keep slipping out)?  By comparison, His
Sa’nkham never leaves His hand. Maybe He thinks that
it is enough if His Sa’nkham stays put in His hand,
and it doesn’t matter if I loose my bangles (Sa’ngam
in tamizh also means bracelet).  Alas! Alas! That tiru
ara’ngan, who is lying on the fierce-looking,
fire-spitting faced anantAzhvAn, is not even looking
at my face”.

pASuram 11.2(eleventh tirumozhi - pAsuram 2  ezhil
uDaiya ammanaimIr!)

 ezhil uDaiya ammanaimIr! en ara’ngattu in amudar
   kuzhal azhagar vAi azhagar koppUzhil
 ezhu kamalap pUvazhagar emmAnAr ennuDaiya 
   kazhal vaLaiyait tAmum kazhal vaLaiyai AkkinarE

“Oh my beautiful mothers! My tiru ara’ngan is lying
beautifully in tiru ara’ngam and is the amr*tam for
devas and me;  His beauty is well known - He is known
for His dark blue, locks of curly hair; He has the
most beautiful mouth (pavaLa vAi);  His eyes are
comparable to blossomed lotus flower;  and He has the
exquisite lotus flower that arises from His navel. 
This sundara purushan has completely taken me over by
His exquisite beauty and has made me His belonging. 
He has made the bangle which is called a kazhal vaLai
(because it can be taken out of the hand), into a
kazhalum vaLai (the bangle that is falling out of my
hand) instead in my case.  

pASuram 11.3(eleventh tirumozhi - pAsuram 3  pongOdam

 po’ngu Odam SUzhnda bhuvaniyum viNNulagum
  a’ngu Adum SOrAmE ALginRa em perumAn
 Se’ngOl uDaiya tiru ara’ngac celvanAr
  en kOl vaLaiyAl iDar tIrvar AgAdE

tiru aragattu SelvanAr is the sovereign ruler of this
Earth surrounded by the mighty oceans, as well as SrI
vaikunTham. Doesn’t He have enough wealth?  Did He
need to usurp my kOl vaLai (strong bangle that is made
to stay in the hand and not kazhal vaLai or bangle
that is meant to be taken out) also?  I hope that this
takes care of His poverty.  He is doing this only to
make me feel miserable.

pASuram 11.4(eleventh tirumozhi - pAsuram 4 maccaNi

maccaNi mADa madiL ara’nga vAmananAr
 paccaip paSum dEvar tAm paNDu nIr ERRa
piccaik kuRai Agi ennuDaiya pey vaLai mEl
 iccai uDaiyarEl itteruvE pOdArE?

aranganAr is living in tiru arangam that has tall
mAdam-s (houses) and forts; He incarnated Himself as
vAmanan  and is the purest paraman. He begged for, and
got, three feet of land from mahAbali in His vAmana
incarnation.  If He feels that He is not satisfied
with the wealth He usurped from mahAbali and feels
that He needs my bangles as well, can’t He at least
walk through my street and come to me and get my
bangles from me? 

pASuram 11.5(eleventh tirumozhi - pAsuram 5
pollAkkuRaL uruvAi)

pollAk kuRaL uruvAip poRkaiyil nIrERRu
 ella ulagum aLandu kONDa emperumAn
naLLArgaL vAzhum naLir ara’nga nAgaNaiyAn
  illAdOm kaipporuLum eyduvAn ottuLannE

He came in the form of the deceitful dwarf form,
begged 3 feet of land from mahAbali , received the
bikhshA from him on His beautiful hands and snatched
all the worlds from him.   This emperumAn who is
resting on His snake bed in beautiful tiru ara’ngam
populated by noble people, is not only taking my
bangles; it looks like He is going to take away my
body also.

pASuram 11.6(eleventh tirumozhi - pAsuram 6 kaip
poruLgaL )

kaip poruLgaL munnamE kaik koNDAr kAviri nIr
 SeippuraLa ODum tiru ara’ngac celvanAr
epporutkum ninrARkkum eidAdu nAn maRaiyin
  SoRporuLAi ninRAr en meyp poruLum koNDArE

Tiru ara’ngam is  made wealthy by the waters of
Cauvery which cause a rich growth of all kinds of
crops.  The Lord of this place makes Himself easily
available to the lowliest of the devotees, and at the
same time is unreachable even for the most intelligent
beings who try to reach Him by their own efforts.  He
is the essence of all the vedas.  He has already taken
away all my belongings, and now He has taken over my
body as well. 

pASuram 11.7(eleventh tirumozhi - pAsuram 7 uNNAdu
uRangAdu )

uNNAdu uRa’ngAdu oli kaDalai UDaRuttu
  peNNAkkai AppuNDu tAm uRRa pEdellAm
tiNNAr madiL SUzh tiru ara’ngac celvanAr
 eNNAdE tammuDaiya nanmaigalE eNNuvarE

azhagiya maNavALan, the king of SrIra’ngam which is
protected by strong protective fort-walls,  when He
came as rAma, fell in love with a woman, sItA. Being
love-lorn, He spent His time fasting and lost His
sleep over her.  He built a dam over the ocean to
destroy lankA.  He has forgotten all the humiliations
He went through for a woman and now thinks only of His
greatness (that is, He is thinking that whoever wants
Him will have to do nonbu, fall at the feet of kAman,
do kUDal game etc).

pASuram 11.8(eleventh tirumozhi - pAsuram 8 pAsi
tUrttu kiDanda )

pAsi tUrttuk kiDanda pAr magaRkkup paNDoru nAL
 mAsuDambil nIr vArA mAnam ilAp panRiyAm
tESuDaiya dEvar tiru ara’ngac celvanAr
 pESi iruppanagaL pErkkavum pErAve

Having said how much He went through for SrIdEvi in
the previous Slokam, now she is referring to how much
he went through for bhUdEvi.  One time, when bhUmidEvI
was submerged in deep waters and accumulating moss all
over Her body (due to hiraNyAkshan’s kidnapping), this
great tiru ara’ngac celvan took the form of a varAha
(pig).  Dripping with dirty waters all over His body,
without even being ashamed of the form that He took
which naturally revels in dirty waters, and without
even thinking for a second that He is sarvEsvaran, He
immediately came to Her rescue.  I cannot get over the
words that He has given before in the form of the
varAha carama Slokam – that if anyone remembered Him
during his/her lifetime, He will remember that soul at
the final moment and give moksham to that soul.  Or, I
cannot forget the words He spoke to me when we were
together – “I will not be separated from you, and I
won’t live if I am separated from you”.  

pASuram 11.9(eleventh tirumozhi - pAsuram 9 kaNNAlam
kODitu )

kaNNAlam kODittuk kanni tannaik kaip piDippAn
 tiNNArndirunda SisupAlan tESu azhindu
aNNandu irukkavE A’ngu avaLaik kaip piDitta
 peNNALan pENum Ur pErum ara’ngamE

In the first six pASurams of this tirumozhi ANDAL was
referring to His having taken ownership of all that
belongs to her.  In the seventh, she referred to the
difficulties He went through for sItA pirATTi earlier,
but now He is enjoying her misery without even being
aware of the miseries He went through.  In the eighth,
she says that even if she wants to forget Him, His
thought haunts her and she can’t forget Him.  In the
current pASuram, she recalls how He saved rukmiNi from
SiSupAlan, and so still has the hope that He will come
to her.  

SiSupAlan had done all the arrangements to marry
rukmiNi pirATTi, and had no doubt whatsoever about the
marriage taking place as planned.  kaNNan came like a
lightning and took her away and married her even as
SiSupAlan was wonder-struck and gazing skyward, not
being able to comprehend what happened.  By this act
of His, He is known as One who helps all women who
need help.  Being helped by Him without fail, all
women can dance with joy in ara’ngam (the term for the
dance stage).  No wonder that the place where that
emperumAN, who is a protector of womenfolk, is living
is also called SrIra’ngam.  So ANDAL consoles herself
that He will definitely come and help her.

pASuram 11.10(eleventh tirumozhi – pAsuram 10 Semmai

Semmai uDaiya tiru ara’ngar tAm paNitta
 meimmaip peru vArttai viTTucittar kETTiruppar
tammai ugappArait tAm ugappar ennum Sol
 tammiDaiyE poyyAnAl SAdippAr yAr iniyE?

That tiru aranganAr, who is true to His thought, word
and deed, has declared before that He will not give up
anyone who has approached Him in a spirit of
friendship, under any circumstance, even if that
person has flaws in character.    
My father, periyAzhvAr, has absolute faith in His
word, and so has absolutely no concern whatever and
leads his life in peace.  I, being his daughter, will
follow his footsteps.  If this emperumAn does not keep
up His word and makes a lie of  the old proverb “We
should love and like the ones who love and like us”,
who is there who has the authority to go and correct
Him?  (All we can do on our part is to love Him and
live without any worry and the complete belief and
trust that He will take care of us).

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