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Sri Villiputthur SamprOkshaNam kaimkaryam

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 00:23:30 PST

Srimathe Gopaladesika Mahadesikaya Namah:

Dearest BhAgawathas,

Sri villiputthur.. We are all aware of this great Divya Desam. This is the 
sthalam, where Sri AndAL, and Sri VishNu Chitthar (PeriyAzhwAr) lived..

The Tamil Nadu state emblem is this Gopuram of Sri Villiputthur. The 196 
feet tall tower can be seen even miles before entering into the town. Kamban 
the great poet compared this Gopuram to Meru parvatham itself.

Though Divya Desam temple is Vadapathrasayee perumAL temple, there is a 
great nice temple for Sri AndAL, which was Her residence.. The sculptures in 
Sri AndAL’s temple are really superb..  Sri AndAL’s temple is also known for 
the “kaNNaadi kiNaRu” (mirror well). This was where Sri AndAL used to watch 
Her reflection every day after adorning Herself with thuLAsi garland, meant 
for Sri Vadapathrasayi.

The water can be seen to be very clear and it clearly served the purpose of 
mirror. The striking feature in this sthalam is Sri GarudAzhwAr and Sri 
AndAL are in the same peetam as PerumAL. GarudA is given this unique 
position here unlike other Divya Desams, because:

1. GarudA is PerumAL’s father-in-law here (PeriyAzhwAr is GarudA’s amsam). 
As AzhwAr had to stay for some more years, (for our sake) singing in praise 
of Lord, PerumAL had to be satisfied with actual GarudA Himself.

2. GarudA brought PerumAL on time very quickly so that Sri AndAL’s wedding 
with PerumAL took place at the right time. Hence, the special position.

Yet another special feature is the special location of Uthsava moorthy of 
Sri ANDAL. When Sri Ramajua read Naacchiyar Thirumozhi, “100 vessels of 
akkaara adisil” we all have heard Sri Ramanuja, immediately arranged for 
offering of 100 vessels of akkaara adisil. GodhA Piraatti was immensely 
pleased at her dream becoming fulfilled. When Ramanuja came to Villiputthur 
subsequently, after this offering of 100 vessels at ThirumaalirunchOlai, it 
is told, AndAL came running with love and gratefulness, reportedly ran out 
of joy, calling Emperumaanaar, “en aNNAvE!” (my elder brother), though She 
appeared much earlier than Udayavar.  That is the reason, in AndAL vaazhi 
Thirunaamam, Sri AndAL is addressed as “Perumpudhur maamunikku pinnaanaaL 

One another special feature that should not be missed in Sri AndAL’s temple 
is the vaibhavam of Sudharsana AzhwAr in the prakaaram. This SudharsanAzhWar 
was brought from Thiruvananthapuram. It is told that when the muslim 
invasion took place, the Divya mangala vigrahams were taken to safe custody 
in a Kerala temple. Sudharsana AzhwAr, who was there at Thiruvananthapuram 
temple, (who was reported to be an ugra moorthy there), became very calm, 
and composed when AndAl arrived there. After the invaders went back, the 
Divya mangaLa vigrahams of AndAL and PerumAL were brought back, and 
immediately, Sudharsanam wasa back in His fiery form.. Local people thought 
that it is more appropriate for SudharsanaAzhwAr to be near Sri AndAL and 
PerumAL at Srivilliputthur. On one side at this sthalam, we see Sri 
Sudharsana Roopa Narayanan, while on the other side, we are blessed with 
Sudharsana Roopa Narasimham. (Srivaishnavas- need not fear of this. For one, 
Sri Chakram and Sri Narasimhan are Parama karuNAmoorthis. For two, Sri 
Chakram is already adorning the shoulder of Srivaishnavas.)

In Adi maasam, there is nine day BrahmOthsavam. Simply fantastic uthsavam. 
Every day mroning, Sri AndAL appears in Golden palanquin (thanga pallakku). 
At night, one Vaahanam. On the fifth day, morning .. PeriyAzhwAr 
MangaLaasaasanam. There are five ParumALs at the pandhal.

Sri Sudharabaahu (Kaattazhagar)- (to be considered as Emperumaan of 

Sri Srinivasan (ThiruyvaNNaamalai) to be considered as 

ThirutthaNkaalappan PerumAL

Periya PerumAL.. (Emperumaan of VadaperunkOil)

Sri Rangamannaar – Sri AndAL.

At night, all Five PerumALs – on Garuda vaahanam; AndAL on Hamsam; 
PeriyAzhwAr on Kutti Hamsam. Great sight!

On the seventh night, there is a nearby KrishNan temple, (about one mile 
from AndAL temple), where the sayana sEvai is famous.. Sri AndAL’s sitting 
on the bed, and on Her lap, Sri Rangamannaar, placing His Thirumudi..  
Divine Feast to the eyes!!

On the ninth day, ThEr.. Huge Chariot. It takes (I was told) sometimes, days 
together to reach “nilai”.

Also, During adyayana uthsavam, AndAL, does not appear along with AzhwArs 
and AchAryAs, but with PerumAL. Also, Swamy Desikan appears along with Sri 
KooratthAzhwAn- It is a delight for adiyEn’s eyes..

In Maargazhi, last ten days, there is an oil bath (Thirumanjanam) uthsavam 
for Sri AndAL. AdiyEn has never “sEvicchufied this. But, I was told, it is a 
beautiful uthsavam. Like a small baby girl (of five ) taking the oil bath, 
Sri AndAL’s Oil bath takes place. The archakar removes the “sidukku” from 
hairs, (after bath), combs beautifully, places Soorya Chandra piRais, puts 
thilakam, Navarathna raakkodi, Rathna jadai, etc.. slowly, and gracefully.. 
like a Patta mahishi, (Queen) is decorated. Patthi ulaatthudhal (walk), 
Naval kalasam, Vedha Gosham, Manthra anusanthanam, along with all this, This 
Thirumanjanam takes place.. Each day, one Vaahanam.

Once, I was told, (on the last day of Maargazhi), Sri ManavaaLa MaamunigaL 
came to be blessed by GodhA PiraaTTi in this uthsavam. By the time he came 
in, the uthsavam was over. No more.. only next year Maargazhi. Swamy became 
terribly depressed and felt totally unfortunate. It appears Sri AndAL 
commanded the archakas (priest) to continue for one more day, on Thai first 
day for Sri Vara varamuni to enjoy. Even today it is continued and on that 
day, Sri Manavala MaamunigaL is given maryaadhai ( respects) and given Sri 
SaTagOpam on Thai first.

AndAL says in Naacchiyar Thirumozhi: Her eyes have only one desire, and that 
is to be awake for ever seeing only the Divine Lotus Feet of the Lord Sriya: 
Pathi Sriman Narayanan.

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SrivishNuchittha kulanandana kalpavaleem Srirangaraaja harichandana yoga 
drusyaam I
SakshAth KshamAm karuNayA KamalAmivAnyAm GodhAm ananya saraNa: SaraNam 
prapathyE II
(Swamy Desikan’s GodhAsthuthi)

(Translation by Sri Sadagopan) ) : O GodhE ! I perform Prapatthi at Your 
sacred feet
as one , who has no other recourse ! I have no one else to save me . You are 
the Kalpaka creeper adorning the  Lord standing  as the auspicious  
HarichandanA tree in the flower
garden of the Kulam of VishNuchitthA , your father. The darsanam of You 
united with Your Lord tightly as the divine kalpakA creeper and  the 
celestial HarichandanA tree is a blessed sight to see . In Your infinite 
patience with the aparAdhis , You appear verily like Bhumi dEvi and in your 
limitless compassion , You resemble Maha Lakshmi Herself . I offer my 
Prapatthi at your sacred , lotus  feet as the one , who has no other means

Srimathyai VishNuchitthaaryamanO nandhanahEthavE/
nandha nandhana sundharyai gOdhaayai nithya mangaLam..// (Sri ManavaaLa 

Sri AndAL ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam


NarayananE NamakkE PaRai tharuvaan..
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