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thiru adhyayana sevai - at newyork - A summary (part 2)

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Sun Jan 02 2000 - 09:01:20 PST

Srimadh Azhagiya Singar thiruvadikaLE charaNam
Sri RanganAyikA samEtha Sri Rangarajan thiruvadikaLE charaNam

Dear bAgawathAs,

On  day 1, the bahttar's vyAkyAnam on seeing the mohini alankAram
was rendered. (this will be covered in the thiru adhyayana series
when it is restarted). At the end of recitation of " chenniyOngu"
the  chanting  was paused  and  the sadAri was adorned to all the
gOshti reminding AzhwArs' words.

On day 1, we have completed chanting more pasurams in the morning
(pagal  patthu) and ofcourse we completed  chating the  remaining
pasurams of the day  in  the evening. On Sri vaikunda ekAdasi day,
it  was a grand  ceremony again. Parama padha vAsal was made open
and all jivAs are made to enter through   that  and look  at  the
perumAl  first  through  a  mirror. Since  Sri  namperumAl wanted
to appear in "pAndiyan koNdai", we tried our best to do a kreedam
for HIM using  "pattu" and flowers. The moment the sankalpam  was
done  on the previous day, Sri namperumAl was filled with joy and
it was very evident for anyone  to  see  HIS smiling  face. There
were  many  bAgawathAs who arrived in the temple all  through out
the day and had  the Srivaikunda  nAthan  darisanam. The chanting
of the pasurams continued in the morning as scheduled.

In the evening chanting of Sri periya thiru mozhi started, and we
rendered 300 pasurams for the evening session. Many devotees sang
devotional songs for perumal.

will continue .....

Srimadh Azhagiya Singar thiruvadikaLE charaNam
Sri RanganAyikA samEtha Sri Rangarajan thiruvadikaLE charaNam
thiru kudanthai Rengarajan

note:  There  were tremendous efforts made to bring this event  as
scheduled. It was all planned  from  september 1999. When the very
1st pallAndu was  sung on 18th  it was  a dream come true for many
organisers.  adiyEn is  writing   this  with  many  reflections  &

We the devotees of Sri Rangantaha, want everyone to know  as   to
how much  efforts are  involved in this so that next  time around
more   volunteers  will   appreciate  this  and join. One of  the
task that was early in the game was calling as many people as  we
can and do arrangements through phone.  While Sri Dileepan had to
make more than 20 calls in 2 months to india, in addition to more
than atleast  100  US  long distance calls, adiyEn also made than
800 long distance calls to invite many bAgawathAs from the boston,
ny, washington, ct,  nj area. Most of these phone  calls are made
for inviting many bagawathas who  are  outside of  the net groups
and are as well nearby to NY area, and   as  well  for making the 
arrangements  for  this  "first  time"  celebrations.

We are certainly very very happy  to  have  made  those calls  to
areas such as boston from where  many sevArtthis  turned  up. But
we also called  some  of  our  own   good old champions who write
very very often in the net and to invite them to  join.

It  is  good  that  those of us who write somewaht  often and are
here in US,  also  want to volunteer their efforts for kainkaryam
here in US. Those who are writing very very often, all good about
perumAl  in the net may  want  to  atleast "volunteer"   to  join
the celebrations next time around instead of waiting for a formal
invitation to them from some of the lead organisers. ie., One can
book  their  flight ticket in  advance   and  need  not  wait for
adiyEn or the other lead organisers to call and invite a few times.
It  would give us  such time to  call  few  more  bAgawathAs (out
of the net groups) or those who are in the area nearby NY atleast.
We only had the evenings everyday and the week ends to make calls.
adiyEn and Sri Dileepan took the interest early and all the flier
were first made available in September  during  the Swami desikan
thiru nakshatthiram day celebrations organised by  Sri  Sadagopan
and attended by adiyEn and Sri  Anbil at Sri Ranganatha  temple.

        We donot prevent anyone  from  involving  from the  early
stages after the fliers are made, and it  is  upto  evereyone  to
volunteer from this stage for  onething or the other.  This  is a
reminder  to a few of us who are regularly and very often writing
about  perumAL  to  make the  future  celebrations  successful by
devoting  their  time and   resources   "voluntarily"  instead of
waiting for some of us to invite them to join the success story.

adiyEn  will continue the postings   on  "thirup pAvai" pasuram 2
and "thiru adhyayana sevai series" afer completing this write up.
As *requested* by a bagawatha from Sri villi putthur, adiyEn also
intend  to  write  on  Sri  villip  putthur  temple  as its  maha
samprokshanam by Srimadh Azhagiya singar is coming up soon.
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