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Thiru Adhyayana Utsavam at Stirling, New York
Date: Sat Jan 01 2000 - 14:08:01 PST

Dear Bhagavatas

You would have read the inspiring postings of several Bhagavatas on the 
I cannot resist adding my two cents worth.

Here indeed was a celebration for Gods to see!

Bhagavatas from coast to coast all over USA and Canada had swarmed the place 
to render in one sonorous voice, the 4000 Divya Prabandhhams of AzhwArs both 
in the mornings and in the evenings. 

It would be no exaggeration to say that anybody who is a somebody in the 
Srivaishnava universe living in this part of the globe could be spotted at 
the venue. 

Those who did not or could not make it for whatever reason do not know what 
they were missing! 

Any amount of writing or talking about cannot do justice to the actual 
experience of being delved deep into the devotional fervor that permeated the 
atmosphere during the entire period of the celebrations and especially on the 
day of NammAzhwar mOksham.

The crux of the entire Utsavam was this event. It used to be said "KaNdavar 
viNDathillai, viNDavar kaNDathillai" meaning "those who have seen Parama 
padam are not here to explain what it is like and those who do explain have 
not yet gone there".  NammAzhwar is the only one who had not only gone to 
Paramapadam through the NiryANa and Gathi VisEsha route and enjoyed the 
ParipooNa brahmAnubhavam but also returned to us to report on his itinerary 
and to show us the way.

One might have read the last 20 odd verses of the 10th decade of 
Thiruvoimozhi throwing light on the route "from here to eternity". The 
Bhagavatas who attended the function did experience this transcendence all 
the way with NammAzhwar to the feet of the Lord. 

When the Lord returned the Azhwar back, the joy of the Bhagavatas knew no 

The rendering of Madhurakavi AzhwAr's "KaNNinuN Siru thAmbu" celebrating the 
resurrection of  NammAzhwar rent the air and almost 'blew off the roof' of 
the tall hall.

Resurrection is not a new concept !
NammAzhwar's resurrection dates back to times immemorial.

We were literally transported to a different world. Every one of us felt a 
foretaste of what it would be like in SrivaikunTam in the midst of 
Nityasooris singing paeans of praise of the Divya Dhampathis and enjoying 
their Sannidhyam.  

None could take their eyes off the bewitching Soundharyam of the Divya 
MangaLa vigrahams of the Divya Dhampathis and the galaxy of AchAryas 
assembled under one roof to bless us all. 

I am sure that we could not have witnessed the event so closely in Srirangam 
back in India but the "Srirangam in USA" transformed itself verily into the 
"BhoolOka VaikunTam". Tears rolled down the cheeks of every single devotee as 
they were drawn into the vortex of the center of action - a first hand and 
unforgettable experience of the great Sathsangham.

The one thought that weighed with everyone was to offer our sincerest prayers 
and pledge unstinted support and mite for the successful completion of the 
temple and the grand celebration of SamprOkshaNam in the first year of the 
new millenium.

Those who missed the Utsavam can take comfort in the thought,  that they can 
catch up what they had missed now at the time of SamprOkshaNam consecration 
in the year 2000. 

I am sure everyone (including those who missed it now) would mark their 
calendars for the mega event and make a beeline to the "Srirangam of USA" 
without fail. May be, they can and should bring their families and friends 

Anbil Ramaswamy