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Re: A question

From: sampath kumar (
Date: Sat Jan 01 2000 - 11:58:02 PST

--- L Kumar <> wrote:
> Would you please give the visishtadvaitic
> perspective of this point?Also
> please explain me how the Lord is all pervading
> inspite of being a
> person? Please forgive me if this question is
> atheistic and skeptical in
> nature.

Never fear to ask questions when you are eager to seek
knowledge about the "kalyana-gunas" of the ALmighty!
It is like fearing to ask questions about the
qualities of one' s parents. Will one ever be afraid
to learn more and more about the goodness and
greatness of one's parents from others? Certainly not!

The all pervasiveness of bhagawan, his transcendence,
immanence, His ability to inhere in his creations and
yet remain apart from them.... these are all questions
raised eternally by man since time immemorial. The
fact that one begins to think along these lines shows
that one is gradually awakening to one's spiritual
dimensions within! 

Many gnyAni-s' have asked the questions you raise now,
Sir and many "gnyAni-s" have offered answers! 

So don't worry! Rejoice! You are now in the good
company of "bhAgavatA-s"! Fire away your questions
boldly ("pari-prashnam")!

You can start looking for your anwers by searching the
bhakti-archives for a series of posts entitled "O
God!"" by Sriman Anbil Ramaswamy who has covered in a
very easily comprehensible way many  aspects of
Godhead as per the VisistAdvaitic view. They are very
simple, interesting and informative. 
Adiyen readily recommends the same to you for


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