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RE: Significance of Caste, and Questions Regarding the Sources of Self Consciousness

From: Madhavkkannan, Vasudevan (
Date: Sun Feb 28 1999 - 18:19:35 PST


Dear Sri venkat,

There is a nice series of posts from our Sri Anand Karalapakkam in July 98
and also from Sri Sadagopan. These posts will answer to a great extent (y)
our doubts on Caste.

However, that does not preclude us from raising further queries. Please pour
in your questions. I definitely learn a lot by reading not only the answers;
also from the questions.
NamO Narayana


Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan
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> Subject:	Significance of Caste, and Questions Regarding the Sources
> of Self Sonsciousness
> Dear Bhagavatas,
> I saw several postings regarding caste, the distinction between Vdagali
> and
> Thenkali, and what it means to be a Sri Vaishnava in January's list; I
> thought that by sharing my perspective on the matter, based on the little
> knowledge that I have acquired so far from my readings and contemplation
> on
> the matter, I may refine my own understanding of these concepts (through
> the comments and insights of others.)  Further, I will pose two queries at
> the end of my posting regarding the two sources of consciousness; I will
> be
> very happy if somebody can enlighten me as to the nature of the two types
> of consciousness.