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'NArAyananE namakE parai tharuvAn'

From: Praveena (
Date: Sun Feb 28 1999 - 05:11:20 PST

Narayana! Narayana!

Dear friend:

Oh! How true is your writing!

When I read it, I remembered a famous story. The story goes like this:

There was a unique exhibition, with all exceptional expensive 
stones,  jewels and treasures. Uniqueness of this exhibition was 
that any visitor liking any particular item would be gifted the same
by the king who was organising the exhibition.

A lady visited the exhibition and claimed that what she wanted was
not available there. The King was upset because of the dissatisfaction
of a subject and asked her to communicate her request and promised
to give her what ever she wanted.

She then told the king that she wanted the king himself and nothing else.
When she got the king himself, all the treasures became hers.

I am sure you would have read / heard this story earlier. The parallel to
this simple story is that our aim should be big, like that of the girl, and
we should seek only the feet of the lord and everything else matters little.

Praveena nAmine Ramanuja dAsi
28th Feb 1999

Dear bhAghavadhOthamals,
My humble obeisance to the devotees of Lord NarAyanA.SriAndAl addresses
the “selva sirumeergal” first. “Selvam” is wealth, wealth, spoken in
terms of money power, then there is the wealth of knowledge. All of us
posses this wealth in both forms to a certain degree. “You girls may be
wealthy but do you know what true wealth is ,who can give the eternal
wealth of  parai”.
“swAdhu swAdhu padhE padhe” –Sri AndAl would not send a chill down the
spine asking' don’t you all know that Paramapurushan of that magnitude
who will give that parai to that evolved souls'. Instead AndAL gently
says, the cub like boy, the son of Y ashOdhA and Nandan whom we are so
familiar with  is the NarAyanan the SwarAt who will give the wealth. So
cast away your fear and doubts.
The first step in “farming” is the tilling of the land. This is a tough
process because of the “deposits” deep rooted in the human mind- fear,
doubt, clinging, the beasts of passion raging like war. Will we,wont we,
should we,shouldn’t we,can we, cant we -this perplexity is a fixed
feature.Now that the weeds of doubt and fear are wilting slowly, the
seeds of “faith” are introduced.For the seeds of faith to germinate
“avanE tharuvAn” - He will give, is the food, water and air supply given
in ample doses.
SriAndAl thiruadigalE charanam,
With highest regards,