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Re: Asaucham & Nitya karmA

From: L. Vijayaraman (
Date: Sat Feb 27 1999 - 04:50:29 PST

Sriman Narayana,

Dear BhAgavadOttamAs,

	Sri Vijayaraghava swamy wrote:
	5.  Vijayaraman, please if you can summarize the duration of
	Asaucham that will be helpful to people to at least avoid going
	to the temple.

Honestly, adiyen is neither qualified nor possess that much
knowledge/requisite material on this subject and hence it would be a great
injustice to dharma sAstrAs if adiyen give half-cooked information. Perhaps,
being in brahmacharyAshram adiyen did not bother too much to find out the
duration of Asaucham as brahmachAri & kanyA strI (*) are not affected by the
Asaucham. Learned members like Sri Sadagopan swamy & Sri Mani swamy could
enlighten us on that.


(*) except when he/she is the kartA for performing the funeral rites, and
that too is cleared after the bath.