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Can we bloom flowers

From: Subadra Vasudevan (
Date: Sat Feb 27 1999 - 04:27:58 PST

Dear BhAgavatAs,
  My humble obeisance to the devotees of Sriman NarAyanan. To bring to
bear in life the wisdom and consciousness that we all have touched, what
is it we are awakened to, how can we think we are realized – for all
this we have to seek “kEtka vEndum.” We have to seek the AchAryan and
learn at his feet the glory of NarAyanan,
“faith that the lord will protect, resort to Him as Savior (goptritva
varnam), the sense of utter helplessness (kArpanyam), complete self
  With so much of aid the seeds have grown into plants but they are not
bloomed yet. Can we bloom flowers. We can make the soil moist, fertilize
it, give good ventilation but still, do we bid buds bloom.
  The buds will bloom when the AchAryan performs the act of “prapatti.”
The sanctity to the flower comes in it’s being offered to the Lord.
Otherwise, it will run into the class of “many a flower is born to blush
unseen.” Just as we will not offer PerumAl, flowers which have no
fragrance, flowers “sans” the AchArya sambhandham will not be accepted,
however (knowledge, Bakti) beautiful they are.
So, “andha NarAyananE indha aaichiyarkE ippadithAn tharuvAn parai.” Now
that the flowers are in bloom, Sri. Sampath Rengarajan will gather them
to string his unique garland.
SriAndAl thiruadigalE  charanam,
With highest regards,