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'AvanE tharuvAn'

From: Subadra Vasudevan (
Date: Sat Feb 27 1999 - 04:22:56 PST

Dear bhAghavadhOthamals,
My humble obeisance to the devotees of the Lord.We will set aside the
seeds and give them time to sprout. The entire gamut of “avanE tharuvAn”
has been done in a series of phenomenal postings.Little of what is left
unsaid, we will say.Why should SriNArAyanA give, to whom, should we
ask/should we not ask.
‘un adiyArku en seivan enrE iruthi nee’. PerumAl’s inherent quality is
to give. His natural attribute to give is strained by our nature of
“umadhu adigal adaighinrEn enru orukAl urathavarai
thamadu anaithunm vazhanghium”
Perumal’ s attribute is to give but His quality of giving in abundance
is restricted by our inability to receive it – because we have already
put a tag on it saying “give me this, help me in this, save me from
this.” It is said “when God decides to punish people He does it by
fulfilling their wishes.” Such is the fallacy of our seeking. Kindly be
reminded of the concept behind performing “praphatti” as is extensively
discussed in this forum – we seek Your Arul through the AchaaryAn, with
no ulterior motive, with You as the means and end. So “NarAyananE
tharuvAn.” He will give Himself, His self.
AndAl thru adigaliE charanam,
With highest regards,
P.S. “us, we, does not refer any of the members but just human behavior
at largesse.