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Re: Ashucham & Nitya karmA

From: Martin Gansten (
Date: Sat Feb 27 1999 - 01:29:31 PST

>I was just reading Sri Kozhiyalam Swami's "heyOpAdEya darpaNa"
>on this issue. He writes:
>	ekakAlamAtram anyadeSagamane prAptE 'pi sva-arcayA
>	sahaiva gantavyam |
>I don't fully understand this sentence.  Is he recommending 
>that one should travel with one's ArAdhana perumaaL?

I have no acquaintance with this text, but the phrase 'once only'
(ekakAlamAtram) makes it sound to me as if the author is talking about
migrating once and for all, not going back and forth.

Best regards,
Martin Gansten