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Re: Introduction

From: Venkat Nagarajan (
Date: Fri Feb 26 1999 - 09:58:46 PST

Dear Bhagavatas,
Let me, introduce myself as I am new to the discussion group.  My name
is N.S. Venkataramanan, but I go by the name Venkat Nagarajan.  I am
25, and reside in Toronto Canada.  My life was without direction and
purpose until about 8 months ago, at which time I starting reading about
Vedanta.  In fact, I can say, with  conviction, that, experientially, through
the process of negation I arrived the conclusion that the ultimate goal
("only goal") in life is liberation from samsara.  Metaphorically, we can
think of it as climbing mount Everest (as someone suggested to me.) 
Identifying the goal (experientially not reading about it in a book) itself is
tough and only occurs through the grace of god; having identified the
goal it is the duty of one to not stand and admire the view, but progress
towards it diligently. I have strong conviction that the metaphysics of
Visistadvaita, of Sri Ramanujaarchaarya, is the most perfect
interpretation of Vedanta, and that Prapatti is the most practical means to
attaining the goal.  I feel that sharing my perspective and hearing the
perspective of others (following the same path), on spiritual matters, will
help me to maintain my focus on the peak and not allow the view to be
obscured or the progress towards it to stop. I hope this introduction is
sufficient; I want to portray myself as at least a partially self conscious
entity (as having partial Dharmi Jnanam)and not an entity that is almost
one with unconscious matter (i.e., I don't to give my ego a chance to start