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Re: Ashucham & Nitya karmA
Date: Fri Feb 26 1999 - 06:09:11 PST

Interesting notes from Vijayaraman and Srinath on the above topic.  These
are Adiyen's humble comments.

1.  Even in the non-Sri-Sannidhy Sampradayam, Ashtaksharam is performed
along with Gayatri Japam if the upasthana kalam (SUryOdayam) has not
reached at the completion of Gayatri.
2.  There is no restriction on chanting Dvayam (at any time and at any
3. Keeping the Salagrama in the rice tin (while on travel etc) is a
practice in my family (I am not sure how far this practice is in vogue).
4. At least in my family I have hardly seen Salagrama being moved from our
house.  There is a general reluctance arising purely from AchAram
5.  Vijayaraman, please if you can summarize the duration of Asaucham that
will be helpful to people to at least avoid going to the temple.

With regard to Srinath's note should we go to the temple after Dvadasi
Paranai.  Generally, the rule is that the requirements of Anushtanam will
override services to the temple etc.,  On a Dwadasi day if you can go to
the temple in the evening that should be fine.  Also VishEsha Dharma
overrides SAmAnya Dharma For eg.  One need not observe EkAdasi vratam on a
SRarddha day.

Breaking the fast with Tulasi-theertham is recommended only when you are
faced with exigencies of time like Dwadasi is present for a little time
etc., or you are on travel.  I have the mantras for breaking the fast thus
- blessed  by NavalpAkkam Swamigal and I can e-mail to those who are
interested.  Thanks.

Vijayaraghava Dasan